APB to Roll Out Open Beta on May 23

As reported by Massively, All Points Bulletin: Reloaded is going ahead with its open beta starting May 23rd. You can register for that HERE.

I was in the “key to the city” semi-open beta for the original launch, and liked it at the time, even if there were balance problems that were starting to become apparent even that early. Hopefully new studio Gamersfirst, who picked up the $100 million development effort for a song, has a handle on that. APB’s new incarnation will be free at least to get into, and hopefully the money model won’t be as dumb as it was last time around. Balance and controls issues aside, APB is a pretty pretty nice game with some features that are nothing short of remarkable, and I’m glad it’s getting a second shot.

3 responses to “APB to Roll Out Open Beta on May 23

  1. as a long time player and a beta tester, the balance is fine, it’s probably the only game I’ve played where all the weapons were this balanced. Each weapon type has their niche.
    Even after that I still think it’ll be a Marmite-like game. You’ll either love it or hate it. Or your PC won’t run it as it’s a major resource hog.

  2. Feel free to take “balance issues” as a combination of cheats/hacks and the regrettable disparity between characters with different amounts of playtime. It made it almost impossible for a newb to get into the game after like a week.

  3. My biggest complaint with the original beta was mostly that the driving controls were hideous. I’m hoping the new one has improved them significantly. I couldn’t stop crashing the vehicle into buildings, let alone keep it in one lane.