Hyborian Milestones

Given the lack of anything resembling PC gaming for the last two weeks or so, I figured it was time to settle in for a late-night session or two this weekend. I’d (finally) bought the paid version of Minecraft, but on Friday it was doing me the favor of crashing regularly for no particular reason that I could determine, although as far as I could tell it was actually Java that was crashing.

So I picked up Age of Conan where I’d left off, three levels higher thanks to offline levels. This put me at level 37 with a bunch of stuff yet to do in Khopshef Province, and about seven hours to burn.

I did a parcel of quests there, then ventured into three soloable dungeons: Treasury of the Ancients, the Outflow Tunnels (in Old Tarantia,) and a dip into Pyramid of the Ancients, which I didn’t finish since I hadn’t gotten all of the quests. All this action put me at level 40, which qualifies you for rather a lot of stuff in AoC: two new attack directions (and old combos changed to reflect them,) the prospect of crafting (hitherto unseen by me,) and the ability to get a mount.

On this last I was just short of the 25 gold I needed for the Basic Riding feat, let alone the additional 25 gold for the mount itself. The perils of five offline levels in a ten-level stretch, I suppose. Thinking about it, it’s a better idea to sit on the offline levels and use them when you run into a stretch of content you don’t like, which threatens to happen no time soon. So I’m likely to hold off on applying any more free levels for the time being, at least until I finish the next zones, which’ll be the Tarantia Noble District and thence to the Field of the Dead.

Thankfully, I did have some veteran points to spend, so I ended up with feat and mount anyway. I like the way they handle in AoC; it’s reminiscent of Mount & Blade, actually, although I have yet to try fighting mounted (and I’m not even sure that you can until you’re level 80 and have the Advanced Riding feat.)

I’m looking forward to seeing some new zones; I’m in no particular hurry to pick up a crafting profession, although I did harvest a fair amount of stuff while adventuring over the last twelve levels – at launch, there were only resources in the Resource and Building zones, but nodes were added to the Adventure Regions later.

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