Incoming: Nightfall

I don’t usually buy gaming magazines. The reason, of course, is that whatever content they might contain, more and better info can be found online, more quickly. Every time I walk through the magazine aisle in the grocery store I have a quick look at the issue of PC Gamer sitting there, and have put it right back down again for something like the last 2 years. This month’s issue, however, pushed every one of my upcoming game buttons (ME3, Skyrim, GW2,) so I had to grab it.

The Guild Wars 2 piece is a bit about how to get various goodies in GW2 by working your GW1 Hall of Monuments. Me, I’ve never finished a GW campaign, despite owning Prophecies, Factions and Eye of the North. I’ve gotten stuck every time. Now, my understanding is that Nightfall represents a significantly improved experience, but it’s always been at the wrong price point. For a title as old as it is I expect to pay $10… maybe $15. Not the $30 it runs for on Steam or in the NCSoft store, or that the trilogy costs at retail… and besides, I already have the other two.

But I found it for $6.50 on eBay tonight and grabbed it at that bargain price. Since we appear to have plenty of time before GW2 comes out, I will probably install it right away but won’t get to playing it until I can make a sustained push… during one of the beaks I have coming up most likely.


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  1. Yet, lest we forget….Diablo and Diablo 2 ran for 19 to 29 bucks YEAR after YEAR after YEAR…

    I see the price point as a testament to how well Guild Wars sells, and the value inherent in the game itself…hours, upon hours of free game play after an entry fee.

    Really, how many other games offer such a price point?

    Enjoy. Nightfall was our favorite campaign, though Prophecies has our hearts of nostalgia. The heroes system and the HoM WILL become an addiction (btw you will need Eye of the North to do the HoM)

    Good luck

  2. I’ve already got EotN, although I’ve never gotten to its actual content… bought it for cheap at a Half Price Books several months back when I had my last run at GW.

    Far as the price goes, NCSoft (or Blizzard) is free to charge what the market will bear, just as I am free to hold off on buying until the product reaches the price I’m willing to pay. So that wasn’t a complaint so much as an observation that I’d finally gotten around to digging for the best price myself.

  3. I just picked up the Kasumi DLC for ME2 last week. Had been holding off on the IFF mission with my first Shepard (only one who’s reached it, generic John soldier Shepard) till I could get Kasumi and do her loyalty mission. So now I have Firewalker (vehicle), the merc whose name just completely vanished from my brain, and Kasumi. Still want to get Shadow Broker, but since I have all the optional squad members, I may not worry about Lair till after I do the IFF with Shepard #1.

    I have 4 Shepards started in ME2, and 3 in ME1. Current main focus is my ME2 Engineer (Shepard #3), and my ME1 Adept (also Shepard #3 oddly enough).

  4. In more specific note, I am really liking playing an Engineer with Reave as a bonus power. Reave is a nice bridge power since it can be used when barriers are blocking Incinerate, and serves as a self-heal as well.

  5. @Jonathan B
    I finally got through ME2 myself with all the story DLC packs. It’s best to do Shadow Broker after the suicide mission because some of the dialogue is weighted that way. That having been said, I would definitely get it. I think it’s one of the most enjoyable missions, plus you get to talk to Liara. The Arrival DLC is also pretty good, and definitely needed if you’re a story stickler like I am.

    As far as GW goes, I’ve only ever finished the Prophecies campaign, and I also have all the expansions. I’m almost done with the EotN campaign, but I always end up playing for a day or two and then quitting in disgust because they make me go through 3 zones before the fight, and if I die I don’t get full health? It’s just too hard, even with a full squad of heroes. I know they added a “hard mode” option, but, seriously, I think they need an “easy” option. Even if I don’t get any experience for it, I’d be happy just to get through for the storylines. Heck, I want to see Gwen get married!

    Yeah yeah, I should get optimal builds, and optimal armor and weapons etc etc etc. I’m not a min-maxer, and I do think, unfortunately, Guild Wars caters to min-maxers. I just don’t want to play that way. So I don’t play at all.

  6. There are a few easy points to get in for your HoM, but unless you make a sustained effort, gathering a bunch of points can be pretty difficult.

    Hard for me to say just how hard since i’ve been such a long time guild wars player and have a skewed perspective.

    In any case I think overall it can be pretty grindy.