Breaking News: Age of Conan Going Free to Play

Age of Conan is going free to play under a “hybrid business model”. See the press release HERE.

The new business model will give players the opportunity to choose whether they want to play for free or become premium subscribers, and Funcom is also introducing an in-game store to the game where both free players and premium subscribers can purchase exclusive content such as weaponry and mounts.

There’s a pointer to a FAQ as well, but I’m not finding that right now. More details as they develop.

UPDATE: Massively article HERE.

UPDATE: Free to play FAQ HERE.


3 responses to “Breaking News: Age of Conan Going Free to Play

  1. Brilliant news. AoC didnt really recover from its poor launch and this shift in business model to a hybrid system could very well bring in the influx of players the game deserves.

    I’ll be subbing up when my free welcome back/anniversary time is done and take it from there.

  2. You may have luck hunting down timecards: 60 days for ~14.95 at Best Buy, if you can find them. I’ve a stack of ’em.

  3. FYI, I saw 60-d GTCs and the boxed Godslayer for $9.99 at Gamespot stores just the other day.

    If F2P brings in more players, it may be worth returning. However, I have two 60-d GTCs just sitting around and couldn’t even pull the trigger after getting back in earlier this week under the current “Try it again” deal. Too much time had passed, dead guild, dead trader, still no real in-game economy, and soloing at L80 again for faction baubles just didn’t appeal.

    Under F2P, I’d definitely be willing to poop in every now and then to see if the player pop has risen though.