New Lands

Despite not getting lots of rest or having much leisure time over the “long” weekend, I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of gaming, maybe an hour or three. That time was spent in Vanguard; Saga of Heroes. I started two new characters and played a little on my long-neglected main.

Vanguard does not feel like a dead game, even though the population is low. I saw people other playing both on the Isle of Dawn and in one of the traditional starter areas. At higher levels, there were players in Trengal Keep and the Wardship of the Sleeping Moon. I joined a guild, Twighlyte Song, which had 30 people on at 2 PM, spread all across the level range, had a robust chat happening, and was putting together multiple dungeon groups.

Ardwulf did some exploring, and ventured into the exterior areas of Falgarholm for the first time. I started a new character, a Kurashasa Blood Mage, in his native starting area, which is really weird – it’s an area I never finished before, and it’s cool to see. Another new character, an Orc Dread Knight, started on the Isle of Dawn, which I have also never finished; I mean to do both this time.

Oh, and you might check out Massively’s One Shot for the day, starring Yours Truly. I finally got my login issue there sorted out, too.

2 responses to “New Lands

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your time in VG. I dl’d it from your link and played a bit over the weekend, but really only enough to get my half-giant DK from 5 to 7 (and all the crafting quests up to the point where you get the level 5 adventuring chest piece) and a new Vulmane Shaman all the way up to level 3.

    I learned from my last foray into VG that the IoD is way better from a gear standpoint than the racial starting areas, so while the individual areas are kinda interesting from a lore perspective, I still always start on the IoD anymore.

    Downside is all the running around. Go to Tentree’s, now go to the Sun Village, now back to Tentrees, now to the Earth Den, back to Sun Village, back to Tentrees, Sun Village, Earth den again, and so on. And this is before I’ve crossed the bridge to the level 7-10 areas, which also have a ton of running around. . . and this is without doing Diplomacy (which bores me to death) which makes you run all over creation too.

    OTOH, all that dead time is kinda relaxing, I suppose.

  2. Just as a comment here, number one, GLAD to see someone else playing Vanguard! Number two, I know there are very few resources for the game out there these days, and when the crafting site was taken down (and now the diplomacy site is also gone) I decided to start one to try to restore the crafting information that was lost. So I wanted to send a link to – – I’m VERY slowly building it up, hopefully today I’ll have all of the Artisan’s Saga up there, there’s also information on each tier of harvesting. Work in progress!