The End of An Era

The big announcement that I’ve been hinting at here and on Twitter, requiring weeks of work but years in the making, and the reason this place has been as quiet as it has for the last little while has finally arrived. I dithered over the big post, letting it sit in draft for a few extra days than it probably strictly needed to, but we’re here.

Ardwulf’s Lair is no more. After about 4 years and 850 posts, I am moving on. However, as Mrs. Ardwulf well knows, it’s simply not possible to shut me up. So moving forward I will be posting on a new site, MMO Axis, designed and run by me. For those following along with a feedreader, the MMO Axis RSS feed is HERE.

MMO Axis won’t be just me, though; I’m lining up contributors even now; you can check out Misaligned’s great piece on Vanguard already, and it’s my hope to grow the site into one of the central hubs for information on MMO gaming on the internet. Meanwhile, Ardwulf’s Lair will remain here, mothballed, for the foreseeable future if anyone would like to revisit it. I have migrated a small amount of content I deemed important or noteworthy over, but that’s only a handful of posts. I may eventually move a few more, but there’s about two dozen other things I want to happen first, and the vast majority of my prodigious Lair-era writing will remain here exclusively. I may even put up a new post occasionally, on non-gaming but geek-relevant subjects.

As this chapter of Ardwulf’s Saga comes to a close, I feel very fortunate to have attracted such a great array of friends in my time here. Hell, even the enemies have been worthwhile. It has been a source of great delight to write, almost every day for four years, on whatever subject appealed to me in a field that I’m passionate about, and to have people who, for whatever reason, wanted to listen. I’m also very happy, although it’s nothing more than random happenstance to have worked out this way, to be able to sign off here the same way I signed on, with Ardwulf and with Vanguard. It feels right that way.

So thanks to every reader, every commenter, every random passerby who stopped and stayed. This may seem like a sentimental goodbye, and I suppose that it is in a lot of ways, but at the same time I’m moving on to bigger things, and I hope that you’ll all follow me to my new home at MMOAxis. So farewell, but I won’t be gone long, and I won’t be far.


11 responses to “The End of An Era

  1. I hope you find things in a multi-blogger environment like MMO Axis more to your taste. I imagine that the upside is that somebody there will keep things going when you’re just not in the posting mood.

    I’m not sure I could do that myself, not that I do not play well with others, but I do sometime get far off the MMO topic with my own posts.

  2. I’ll miss the Lair, always one of my favorites. Good luck in your new expanded environment.

  3. Aww the lair along with TAGN and Hudsons hideout were what got me into blogging, I’ll kinda miss it as a stand alone site tbh.

    Nice to see you aint disappearing though, I’ll be sure to update my feedreader and blogroll accordingly 🙂

  4. oops tried to register for your new site but tried to be smart tabbing around it and registered a child account, can you sort it? its not giving me an option to change it. Doh!

  5. @Pitrelli: I have deleted the errant account, so you should be able to recreate it Let me know if there are any more issues.

  6. cheers chief much appreciated will create a new one when i get home. Sorry for the hassle caused.

  7. Good luck with the new project, will be checking out the new site . And GL with the Vanguard Forever project, it has such a nice community and it would be so nice to see SOE actually give the game some attention, even in small increments. Maybe something will come out of it!