It’s Only Mostly Dead

As some readers may have surmised, Ardwulf’s Lair is not totally dead. All new gaming-relevant posts will go up at MMOAxis, save for the occasional pointer here should something big come up. But I make make occasional non-gaming posts here.

Gaming content may eventually copied over to MMOAxis. Doing so is actually a fairly big job due to the large quantity of material here, so it won’t happen soon, if at all. In any case I don’t intend to actually remove any posts from this site.

As for what you’ll see here, it’ll range from the occasional post about school to talk about movies, books and whatnot. Maybe even politics, religion or philosophy. So be warned, should you continue to subscribe.

One response to “It’s Only Mostly Dead

  1. Wasn’t quite sure how to contact you directly (twitter didnt seem to want to let me send through there for some reason), so I’ll post here. Can you check your AoC forum mail. Just some stuff regarding the AoC wiki and such. Cheers!