Star Trek Online Going Free-to-Play

Massively is reporting that Perfect World Entertainment, which recently completed its acquisition of Cryptic, will take Star Trek Online free-to-play by the end of the year, a move predicted by many, including myself. It’s also a move likely to get me (and likely Mrs. Ardwulf as well) at least trying STO out.

I’d played a brief trial not long after launch and didn’t find it compelling enough to buy or subscribe to. But it has by all accounts improved a ton since then, and a zero entry cost f2p solution takes a great deal of pressure away from an MMO, as my own experience with LotRO demonstrates; once I didn’t feel compelled to overplay it because I was paying for a subscription, I enjoyed it a lot more. I’m hoping that this will happen with STO as well. I’m also hoping that Cryptic shakes things up a bit from the way they did F2p with Champions Online, a less than optimal system that, as a Lifer, I don’t feel obliged to care much about. Perfect World has a lot more in their f2p tookbox than Cryptic did, and I’m hoping they’ll apply it here.

3 responses to “Star Trek Online Going Free-to-Play

  1. I think it will do well. It’s really a pretty unique MMO in a lot of ways, in big budget free-to-play MMO space it will be even more so.