Champions Hideouts are 50% Off Until Monday

Hideouts are on sale in the Champions Online store until 10AM Monday PDT, the new Penthouse Hideouts excepted. I already had the Mystic Sanctum as my freebie for being a Lifer, and I picked up the Sci-Fi Moonbase as well. Although they are not what I would call fully-developed player housing, they’re a cool addition to the game, and I could easily see picking up more of them in the future. I may buy another before the sale ends; I am looking at the High-Tech Cave and I still have some more Lifer points left over.

Another nice feature is that I’m able to make store purchases from the website, reducing the possibility that I’ll miss out on a sale by being unable to log into the game client while it’s on. It’d be great if LotRO and EQ2X, the other f2p titles I am enjoying at the moment, would implement it as well. The f2p titles I plan to play in the near future are Star Trek Online and Fallen Earth; the former is likely to boast this feature and the in latter it’d be nice to see.

As readers may have surmised, I have been playing a bit of Champions lately. I wonder how big a bite out of City of Heroes it took after it went free-to-play. Maybe it’s been negligible, and NCSoft is just following the marketplace in moving to the newer model. This would make sense, but some of the other changes, like CoH’s travel powers soon becoming available at level 4, make me think CoH’s switch is a reply to a CO that’s now a bigger power (ha, ha!) in a subset of the MMO market that you’d think would be on the small side.

This would make me happy. While I have no particular axe to grind against City of Heroes, I think Champions is more fun and is a game that I felt didn’t get the fan love that it deserves, whereas CoH has seemed very stable for ages.

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