The Slow Walk Toward Moria

All plans to reach level 50 and Moria by the Rise of Isengard launch out the window, I am nevertheless making progress. This past weekend I even got to play for an hour or three, and gained a whole level. I had almost forgotten what it was like to sit down and focus for a whole session or more than half an hour or so.

At about three-quarters of the way to level 49, I’ve completed the questing deeds in Angmar and the Misty Mountains, although I still have a small number of quests in each zone to clean up. It’s my plan to spend the next little while in Forochel doing the quest deed there, then on to finish Eregion. Then Moria. I’m in no hurry, which is good, because it’ll take me weeks at my current pace just to finish Forochel. It’s too bad there’s no level-locking in LotRO, because I’d rather not end up at level 53 or so by the time I get there. I wouldn’t mind 51 or 52; as it is I’ll need to stay out of skirmishes for the next couple of levels.

One response to “The Slow Walk Toward Moria

  1. I might be following a similar philosophy with WoW. I am going to level my toons to 70, but then go back to the vanilla zones and do all the quests and wrap up the zones, partly because I want to see the changes in the world, second because I want to earn some gold for the epic flying mounts.

    I just don’t see the point in racing to the level cap any more. In a few months, a new expansion will render my plans futile anyway, so i might as well spend time enjoying the story and the fluff.