The Apocalypse at Last

I’ve been waiting for Fallen Earth to go free-to-play for a while now, but I didn’t manage to do more than patch the client and log in during the week. Saturday morning I actually got to play.

At level three in South Burb, I honestly haven’t seen all that much of the game so far. The graphics are “old fashioned,” rather than “outdated,” I’d say, and the gameplay is old school as well. I wouldn’t say that it’s pre-NGE SWG (such as I understand it) shifted to a post-apocalyptic setting, but I can definitely see where the comparisons are coming from. Fallen Earth is about the closest cousin around right now.

My preliminary opinion is that it’s imperfect but has a ton going for it. A huge, seamless (after the tutorial) world and very detailed crafting go along with shaky server connectivity, a slightly clunky interface and animations and character models that are far from the best I’ve seen. I’m also not sure how well the f2p model will work, as it’s been implemented here, but at least on the surface free accounts seem very viable, while the external (it bounces you out to the website) marketplace is suboptimal.

I will absolutely be playing more of this.


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