Out of the Closet and Into Social Media

To take a little bit of a break from the recent bunch of heavy commentary posts, I have a few blogging/real life/identity items to talk about.

To begin with, I’m taking a science writing class this quarter. The class itself is largely concerned with energy policy, but a lot of the techniques it uses are applicable more broadly. This has just started to trickle in to the last week or so of blog posts. Which is interesting, because the last post, in which I used techniques from the class most heavily, garnered one of those rare “wow, that was really well-written” comments (elsewhere) that are always nice to read. If anyone feels like commenting on the actual writing of a post instead of the content, feel free.

Which brings me to the second item, which is “elsewhere.” I’ve found that the rise of Google+ has led me to largely abandon not Facebook but Twitter; G+ lacks many of Twitter’s more retrograde limitations and is a nice outlet for me to say things that don’t warrant a blog post but which need more characters than Twitter allows me. Plus some other neat features. I forsee this trend – less Twitter, more G+, and with Facebook largely left to non-gaming stuff – intensifying in the future. I do, however, plan to keep gaming commentary largely here, non-gaming stuff mostly to Facebook, and minor notes that are marginally relevant to this blog or to gaming in general on Google+. Generally.

Which shifts us to item the third. Google+ has a well-publicized and much derided “real names only” policy that may be loosening a bit in the future. But that policy reminds me that I’ve been online for many, many years, and pre-Ardwulf I never saw a need to go by anything other than my real name. I’m easier to find under my real name on Google and several other social media outlets, and I’ve never kept my identity or my interests any kind of secret. So I think that it’s time to more or less shed the Ardwulf identity and just go about as myself. Future posts here will be bylined appropriately. I’ll still be Ardwulf here and there, mind, where it’s too much trouble to change – this isn’t an “identity change,” and this place will stay Ardwulf’s Lair – I’ve merely decided to just be Gary again.

And so the last. If you’ve a hankering to follow me on said social media, you can find me on Google+, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I’d be good to mention that you’re coming from here so I don’t think you’re just a random weirdo, or perhaps a pervert lusting after my tender man-flesh.

As a final aside, I’ve got a new PC which will be my workhorse for work, school and play for the next few years. It is very shiny.

3 responses to “Out of the Closet and Into Social Media

  1. This guy.

    It’s not what you’d consider the epitome of portability. But it’s really pretty light for what it is, it’s what I needed for work and school as well, and should run anything coming for the foreseeable future with little trouble.

  2. Noo! Change! My old enemy…

    You’ll still be you, but I’ll miss the name. At least the domain name will remain, and live on in good memory.