Counting Down to Skyrim

In less than 48 hours Skyrim will be in my dirty little hands. It is, along with Mass Effect 3 and Guild Wars 2, one of the only “must own on launch day” titles. Meanwhile, here’s some teasers.


3 responses to “Counting Down to Skyrim

  1. WOW!! even the horse now has mutiple speeds…

    I think the 120 voices will be the most notable and welcome change for me 🙂

  2. TES are the best of the best when it comes to immersive fantasy gaming. A bit too over the top with dragon shouts and all this magic, in my opinion. But thanks for the previews :). Can’t await playing it !

  3. I’m not as excited about launch day as I am about 3 months from now when some really great mods have been authored. Plain ol Oblivion was not that great of an experience, so I have lingering doubts as to how plain ol Skyrim will play.