Confounded Plans

Today Keen posed the question of whether to play Star Wars: The Old Republic or Skyrim this weekend, and his reasoning is impeccable… if you happen to be one of the people who participated in one or the other beta. If you weren’t, then the question is whether to partake of the finished game or the work in progress, the new shiny or the game you’ve already tried.

Bioware and EA were doing their best to make this easy for me, by not bothering to invite me to this weekend’s SWTOR beta event. I’m all set to fire up Skyrim as soon after midnight as I can manage and wish all the folks in the SWTOR beta the best.

You know what happens next. Sure enough, the invite to the weekend SWTOR event arrives in my inbox. And all my dreams, torn asunder.

At minimum I will be playing as much Skyrim early Friday as I can stand. I am more excited about it than I am about any other game with a release date, and it will be the first game I buy at the release retail price since, I think, Warhammer Online.

The SWTOR evenet doesn’t kick off until 6 PM EST on Friday. So if I can manage to tear myself away, I’ll drop into the SWTOR beta as well. But I will be able to talk about Skyrim.

5 responses to “Confounded Plans

  1. Skyrim will always be there, but this is only chance to peek at SWTOR before release. Skyrim is a 1 time price while SWTOR is the game that keeps taking. It’s more of an investment and the beta is a great way to see if you want to invest. I figure Skyrim can wait a few hours after you play it for several hours while waiting for SWTOR to open.

  2. Bahh, I still haven’t gotten an invite yet but I am going to the midnight release for Skyrim so I guess all is good. Once I get to roaming the woods I am sure I will forget all about SWOTOR.