EQ2 Ditches the X, Goes Fully Free to Play

News at Massively. EverQuest II is abandoning the split model and going for something closer to the hybrid model that’s been widely adopted elsewhere. I’m tentatively excited, although a lot of things are still unclear. One of the major reasons why EQ2X felt not fully baked was the segregation of the player base into f2pers and subbers, and this takes care of that as well as the “power” items in the Marketplace. I expect changes to pricing and what non-subscribers will have to pay for as well.

I played a huge amount of EQ2 over the summer and frankly the only reason I haven’t been back much is that the sub ran out, my willingness to extend it was limited, and my interest in the more limited EQ2X side of things was pretty low. This will, provided things shake out so you can buy stuff like shared bank slots and don’t have to shell out cash to equip gear, get me back into EQ2 in possibly a big way. I’m willing to shell out money for microtransactions but a sub, not so much. At least I’ll get to play my actual characters (several of whom are in free classes anyway) instead of the short-timers on my Extended account.

3 responses to “EQ2 Ditches the X, Goes Fully Free to Play

  1. Well, this will make me reinstall it, so I can get back to my lvl 50’ish monk from when I was a subscriber. Although I wonder if the server I played on in ’09 is still around, or merged now.
    I never really got far into EQ2X exactly because of that segregation you mentioned.

    Heres the new membership matrix, if you haven’t seen it already:

  2. Chaos ensuing on the forums as expected, but a lot more in favor than you might expect. I’m largely in favor although i think some fine-tuning is still needed.

    Our problem is that since we played on EQ2X for the last year and prior to that on Test for five years, our accounts and characters are hopelessly tangled. I’m almost tempted to start again from scratch.

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