The Holidays Have Begun

Having recovered from any Tryptophan-induced coma, it’s time to start paying attention to the best part of the holidays: holiday sales.

Steam’s Autumn sale has started, for example; I passed on Mass Effect 1 and 2 for prices under $6 each, but only because I already own both. Today Fallout: New Vegas is only $4.99, but I already own that too. There’s a Total War megapack for $12.49 which includes Rome, Medieval II, Empire, Napoleon and all their expansions, and that’s a helluva deal, but again… the only thing in the bunch that I don’t own already is the Alexander expansion for Rome, and I have all but Rome itself through Steam anyway.

In fact, having already picked up almost everything I desire in previous Steam sales, there’s only a small handful of things I’m still looking at. On that short list are Morrowind, Hearts of Iron III in the complete version and what’s now being called Europa Universalis II Chronicles (the “complete” edition not including everything.) And a few odds and ends like Star Ruler and Supreme Ruler: Cold War. My own “drop dead” price tends to be under $5, and there are some games like Portal 2 that I judge to be unlikely to arrive there quite this quickly, or like the Assassin’s Creed games, that I would like to have but would prefer for the Playstation 3.

There’s also already some nice sales on downloadable games on Amazon and at Origin (where Battlefield 3 is currently only $29.99.) So stay alert… you may be able to pick up several games for half the price of one by staying on top of things over the next few weeks. I will report anything I feel is relevant or noteworthy over on Google+.

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