The New EQ2

After the expansion launch-day problems, SOE managed to get the EverQuest II serers back up and running somewhere around the planned time. I’ve been in and out a couple of times and like what I see.

The Freeport revamp is splendid, from what I have seen of it so far, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the city. There is also a Public Quest in the Commonlands that runs on the hour for levels 20-30 and it’s pretty fun, but the loot at the end was bugged the one time I ran it. And I do not like the Brigand for big encounters, but that’s just me – he’s who I had in the area already.

Most of my characters, as anticipated, were locked when I got in, either due to not getting enough slots to cover them or due to class/race restrictions on free accounts. I did spend some points I had laying around to unlock my Iksar Brigand and Ratonga Defiler, but given that my current main is a human Warlock anyway I am in no rush to unlock anything else. I did file a ticket on the character slots issue, though. I have access to five of my nine characters: A Barbarian Berserker on each of Freeport and Antonia Bayle (27 and 50, respectively,) and a Ratonga Defiler (14), Iksar Brigand (27) and Human Warlock (38) also on Antonia Bayle. The Defiler is low level and my only EQ2 healer, ever.

As I have stated before, I did not buy Age of Discovery and probably will not do so soon. I will live without mercs or Beast Lords for the time being, and although I am tempted by them, I will want to unlock all my current stuff before paying to get another slot to create one in. I did see mercs in action in the PQ, and that tank guy held aggro on the final boss like a hydraulic vise.

I have a points card somewhere that I will probably burn once there is a double station cash weekend in the works. That’d get me enough points to unlock some more stuff and have a bit left over besides for things like bag and gear unlocks.

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  1. Everyone seems to assume that Double Station Cash will continue to exist, and they would definitely sell a lot of SC that one weekend if they did. That said, note that both EQ2 and DCUO now offer subs for Station Cash, which means that double SC is half off your subscription (and also expansions, though this has been around for a while). I’m curious whether that’s too much money for them to leave on the table, even if it does land them some extra sales in the short term.

    As to my characters from EQ2 Live, all seven are locked, one due to race and the other six due to both race and class.

  2. You could pay for a monthly sub with SC before on the EQ2X server.

    Smokejumper said they know people will wait for the SC bonus cash to buy the expansion and he doesn’t care. As long as people keep playing, he’s good with it.

    I thought all Races were free now?

  3. Races are unlocked (free) for gold subscribers. If you are a silver or bronze player, you still have restrictions on your races.

    Also, only 8 of the 25 classes are free to play as. The rest require a one time unlock of about $7.50 or to have a gold subscription.
    This is regardless of when the character was made or if you had been a prior subscriber.
    A lot of returning players are coming back to try out the free aspect only to find all of their characters locked due to the race/class combinations. Then they find that they have no free slots to make a new character without deleting an old one that they cannot log on to and check the inventory…..

    imho, SoE would do well to remove some of the race / class restrictions at least for characters that were already created.

  4. Freeport revamp – excellent.

    Beastlords – Level 11 and absolutely loving it.

    Tradeskill Assistant – looks superb. Got my othmir working on a level 20 Fabled staff recipe for my Beastlord and already got the rare for it from Fallen Gate. Should be making it on Saturday and hoping for another Server Discovery.

    Just SO much to do! It’s like a whole new game.