EQ2 (f2p) is Available on Steam

I’d been thinking this needed to happen for quite a while, and as of today it has. EverQuest II, in its new fre-to-play incarnation, is available on Steam. It’s a small thing but the potential audience of Steam is huge, and it could make a big difference for the game.

I guess Smokejumper wasn’t kidding when he said SOE was going to try to get EQ2 a larger footprint in the MMO marketplace. EQ2 under the old retail/sub model was of course available for a while, but this is bigger. Steam makes installing and trying a game very easy, and that’s nothing but good for a game on the new model.

Update: And there’s two things explained in one fell swoop: why this year-old trailer is still so awesome and why SOE is still using it so widely. The music is by Two Steps From Hell. Must have cost a bundle to license.


6 responses to “EQ2 (f2p) is Available on Steam

  1. EQ II actually has one of the best installation processes of any MMO I am aware of, straight from the SOE website. Like WoW, and nothing else I know of, the game downloads the character generator and the newbies zones in a matter of minutes. You are in the game playing within 20 minutes or so (max…I think for me it was more like 5 or 10) of deciding to try it on a decent BB connection. The higher level content slowly trickles in as you play after that.

  2. In practice, yes; the streaming downloader is a wonder. Many with experience with other MMOs, though… and by that I mean WoW, will remember the installation and patching process as a titanic pain in the ass.

  3. I had never played EQ II and decided to give it a shot with the FP2 migration. I apologized to EQ II fans but I think I never tried a MMO for such a short period without dropping it.
    Maybe it was a poor choice of starting zone but I was in this forest with fairies and I could barely distinguish anything on the screen, and even less on the mini map which was an agglomerate of greens. My ability (as wizard), didn’t seem to make any sense. The interface looked horrible; I would not open my inventory without having my screen full of bags which I could not use. I would close the bags with the x but if I closed and reopened my inventory, it came back… Around me was only people speedleveling beastlords and some barrens chat in general.
    Maybe I was tired or it was just bad timing but SOE should really work in making the game more appealing to new players.

  4. It’s ironic that you should have found such fault with the UI, becuase EQ2 actually has one of the best and most customizable UIs out there. Granted that this isn’t necessarily transparent at first. You can rearrange, resize and otherwise monkey with the appearance of any UI element.

    The unusable bag thing is a side effect of the f2p bag limit. Best approach is to just throw the unusable bags away (from the character/equipment window.) The free bags are crap anyway and can and should be replaced very quickly – you can get 8 slot bags from the vendors in the starter zones for a silver and change each. Also, /claim and you can nab a decent sized bag or two even as a new account.

  5. All who reads this must ask themselves if they consider the questrewards of an RPG as an integrated part of the game or not. Apparently SOE doesnt. They claim its F2P, but admit certain restricions on spells and items. Fair enough so far.. But when played as low as level 10 some items rewarded is of “legendary”quality, and as so they fall under the restrictions. DOH! I can play the game, get the quest, rescue the damsel in distress, get my ” qeust/collection completed, return for reward” and then.. ZAOUM. I get an item with the stats needed for my next quest, but I cant use it due to the restrictions.
    So.. Its true u can navigate throught a massive and wellmade world, but u wont get rewarded in all ur quests or achievements.
    Sony doesnt recognize the questreward as an integrated part of the game???!!!