Early Access for Star Wars: The Old Republic started today for some people. I wish them all the best, and I hope the game defeats the money odds and does well – certainly, my feedreader is currently cluttered with SWTOR stuff and lots of my blogger friends will be playing it for a while. I will not. Having tried it out in the beta, it simply does not contain any features that interest me. I was tempted to make snarky posts about “the new WoW expansion,” but that childishnes isn’t worth my time or energy. I would rather focus on stuff I am interested in instead of stuff I am not.

On that subject, it’s my intention that EQ2 will be my main game over the break, and I continue to make progress. My original character (that stuck) who had been stuck in the high 20s in her Tradeskill level is now finally out of Tier 3, thanks to the crafting questlines. And she also finally has her leaper mount. There were opportunities to get this done over the summer, but I just didn’t get around to it. The fact that I have spread effort out over ten characters does not enable speedy progress in any one of them. But I’m generally happy to move up slowly these days.

I have been very, very fussy about progressing characters in an orderly way, to the point that I would like to get everyone out of Tier 1 in Adventuring, Harvesting and Crafting. I have stockpiles of Tier 5 harvests in the bank awaiting a character who actually reaches tradeskill level 40, but I want (especially with only two shared bank slots at the moment) to free up the space hogged by the first two tiers of ingredients before moving others up. There is now only one character who has not yet reached Tier 3, and any new characters I make (and I have no free slots just now,) will just harvest.

Another item that has at long last been accomplished is that I have finally coerced Mrs. Ardwulf into playing EQ2. She tried it in the past but was put off by the ugly (old) UI, ugly (old) character models, and the very dated original starter isle. Now under no pressure, we’re playing a bit together for maybe an hour or so a day, and it’s great fun, although I keep having to assure her that becuase EQ2 has mentoring, the advancement pacing issues we faced in WoW will not apply. She has not much touched crafting or housing yet, and I’m convinved it’s those elements that will really hook her.

The EQ2 F2P trailer, which I have now linked more than once, is currently a “promoted video” on YouTube. This costs money. It’s also still one of the lead items on Steam. Let’s hope this kind of thing continues – EQ2 is a very strong game with a powerful brand but has a very low profile, whereas I see ads for LotRO, DDO and EVE all over the place.

3 responses to “No SWTOR For Me

  1. I agree with your last paragraph 100%. EQ2 is a strong game, in some ways the superior of the other ones you listed, but has suffered for years from a total lack of advertising.

  2. EQ II is absolutely one of the best MMOs on the market. Further, a silver FtP account is one of the best values around, you are looking at months of content before you really need to pay again (unless you want one of the restricted classes or races of course).

  3. I noticed a very odd thing about EQ2’s pricing model last night, when I added Silver Membership to yet another account (don’t ask…)

    A Free Account gets 2 character slots. Going Silver costs 500SC and, among many other benefits, adds two more. To buy a single additional character slot costs 1000SC.

    Therefore, by starting a new, free account and upping it to Silver you can have four extra character slots for 500SC, whereas to add a single extra character slot to your existing account will cost you twice as much. Apart from not being able to pass down Heirloom items, I can’t see any possible reason to buy the extra slot rather than just starting a new account and Heirloom items really aren’t all that vital.