My EQ2 Characters

One of those posts I keep meaning to make for games in which I am particularly attached to my characters but seldom actually get around to is the roundup of all of them. Some of my EQ2 characters (the last two in particular) are my oldest characters in any MMO, and I am generally fond of the lot of them. So here they are, inhabitants of Antonia Bayle all. I left off only my last remaining character on Freeport, as he’s not going to see any action at all any time soon, nor has he of late.

Rantry, level 12 Halfling Troubador and level 35 Provisioner. He makes his home in the Baubbleshire. For a very long time I did nothing but Tradeskilling with him – he was my highest-level tradeskiller for quite a while – and he sat at adventuring level 4 for ages until I finally stacked on a couple of Adventuring levels solely through exploration XP, when I took him down to Butcherblock to do the level 20 crafting quest series and get his leaper mount – of all my characters, he was the first to get one. Since the addition of Tradeskill AA, I’ve pushed him up a bit in Adventuring, but he will probably never go much higher than 20 or 30, and not necessarily because I don’t like the class – Bards are highly valued in groups. But Rantry is far more comfortable loafing in his little house and making tasty things to eat; adventuring is tiresome and hazardous. I do want to net him enough AA to fill out the Tradeskill tree a bit, though, so in time he will probably adventure as far as Butcherblock (and thence wherever the tradeskill quests take him.)

Dirrha, a level 13 Wood Elf Illusionist and level 37 Tailor. She resides in the Willow Wood and is currently my highest-level Tradeskill character. The Illusionist is a character I’d planned to pay to unlock in EQ2X, but when the hacks and free time hit over the summer I just picked up where I’d left off on my Live account at around level 8. The EQ2 Illusionist is heavily focused on crowd control and is one of the game’s most interesting classes, in my opinion. It’s also one of the trickier ones to play successfully, but if it can be managed it’s an excellent solo class because it can shut mobs down ad infinitum. I plan to do lots more adventuring with her, probably starting with getting her up to 20 in Frostfang Sea. I generally favor mages in EQ2 so she’s likely to be one of the key characters I work on advancing in the long run. The Tailor is also one of my favored tradeskills – everyone needs bags, and nine chaarcters eat a lot of them. I’ve also gotten some mileage out of having her make appearance gear, and she’s my clothes-horse – for every set of female garb she makes, she keeps one for herself.

Ellyreos, level 14 High Elf Conjuror and level 30 Carpenter. He’s my favorite of the tradeskillers because he makes stuff that’s both useful (strongboxes) and neat (furniture.) The Conjuror is a fairly straightforward class that I have generally had trouble with in both the Qeynos adventuring zones and later in Antonica. I think I pushed him into new zones too quickly, considering where I was with his abilities; both his pet and his spells seemed rather weak at the time against even-level mobs. Now, however, he is adventuring in the somewhat less tightly-tuned Frostfang Sea and has been much more successful. He is also, at the moment, the character I am playing with Mrs. Ardwulf, but that is likely to change when she settles on a final class (she’s currently leaning towards the Warden,) unless that happens to land on something like Inquisitor or Guardian. In any even the Conjuror is a neat class with good soloability in the long run and a lot of potential, so I’m planning to advance him some more as time goes on… and I may also make a Necromancer as well; the two halves of the Summoner class are sufficiently different that I won’t mind keeping one of each around..

Lillard is my Ratonga Defiler, currently at level 15. He is also, of course, my Jeweler, at which he is newly advanced to level 20. He is the last character I made to remember the old Freeport adventuring zones and the Isle of the Overlord, and currently the only character I have that’s based out of the new Freeport. This, though, will probably change at some point. The ward-based Defiler is kind of neat and I’ve run some of the new Freeport city and racial quests with him; in that time I seemed to grasp the essence of the class where I hadn’t before, plus the new quests were very well-done and took me back into some of the old burbs that are no longer open zones but quest-restricted instances.. Lillard is currently my only Priest character and likely to stay that way; I have no other Priests planned at the moment and will probably do a Necromancer if I make a new character any time soon… which, let’s face it, with nine characters on the server already every tradeskill covered and no shortage of different stuff to play, I have little incentive to do in the immediate future.

Ardwulf, created over the summer, in my newest EQ2 character. Like all Ardwulfs, he’s a Barbarian, and in his case a level 20 Paladin and level 21 Woodworker. It’s an odd tradeskill for a Paladin, admittedly, but hey, Northmen like wood. I started him in Kelethin rather than New Halas, but he moved to the latter at level 20, because, really, who the hell wants to live in a freaking acorn? Even Halflings don’t want to live in acorns. This character slot, and the spot as Woodworker, was originally going to be filled by a Ranger, but I tried one and it really didn’t sing to me. The beefy crusader did, and here he is. That EQ2’s Paladin plays so differently than WoW’s (much closer to D&D’s Pally, in fact,) is a cheery extra. He’s idle at the moment except to make the occasional piece of gear (mostly Tier 2 stuff that he still gains XP for, unlike my Carpenter) but in the long run he is likely to be the character I play with Mrs. Ardwulf should she settle on a Wizard (one of the classes she’s looking most closely at.)

Rakjaw is a level 21 Troll Bruiser and level 21 Alchemist. He started out post-Isle and came up through hist first 20 levels in Timorous Deep, and is still based in Gorowyn, which I find more amenable to tradeskilling than Neriak thanks to the city layout. He is the ninth and last of my characters to reach level 20 in a tradeskill, and I will not be advancing any other tradeskills – I have them all covered now, and all of them are done with Tier 2. Finally I can make useful potions and poisons. One thing I did run for the first time with him was the evil crafting questline in New Halas for levels 10-19, which was a lot of fun and tied into the good quests in the same level range in a very neat way. Doing it was extra hassle because I don’t have access to the bank up there (and didn’t plan ahead,) but it was worth it. I have no immediate plans to advance his adventuring level; the Bruiser has been fun to play so far but is really not all that distinct from a regular Warrior, at least in this level range. He is, however, my tallest character.

Hrasst is a level 27 Iksar Brigand and level 25 Weaponsmith, based out of Neriak. I chose one of the Rogue classes over the higher-DPS Assassin for a positional-based melee class because they share some of the latter’s limitations but are both more interesting and more versatile; they can actually do some light tanking in some circumstances, for example. For a while he was the character I was playing the most until I shifted to the Warlock over the summer and ran with that for a while. Since coming back the Brigand has been the class that I feel I most need to relearn, so I haven’t done much with him other than having him craft weapons for other characters. However, he was in Freeport post-revamp and was both Evil and in the right level range, so I took him out to the Commonlands to run the new Public Quest. Which was simplistic as such things go, but fun nevertheless. It’s also my opinion that the Iksar are probably the coolest-looking race in the game.

Iskaaron, level 39 Human Warlock and level 26 Sage, is one of my oldest characters, starting on the Isle of the Overlord and coming up through the Freeport adventuring zones before all these new zones were available. He betrayed Freeport to Kelethin and set up his house in New Halas, but he’ll probably relocate to Freeport once again eventually, because he is altogether untrustworthy and prone to dabbling in forbidden arts, and the bigger Freeport residences are so perfect for him that one of them is likely to become the single central housing for all my characters. I have also flirted with the notion of flipping his class to Wizard, but the Warlock’s AoE capacity is very strong and highly useful in zones where a lot of mobs are in larger encounters. As it is he can down most lone even-level mobs in two or three shots. I consider him my current main but have been dabbling plenty with several others, even without considering all the tradeskill stuff I have been doing of late. I also have a plan to age him via the appearance change mirror at certain level intervals. The last such was at 30; by 90 he’ll be all bald and wrinkly.

Friyja is a level 50 Barbarian and level 30 Armorer, and is the character that originally sold me on EverQuest II, although she wasn’t the first character I made. I have done no adventuring with her for a very long time – she’s been sitting at 50 for around two years, but I have taken the time out to do a number of non-leveling things with her, like moving her up to the much more appropriate New Halas since that’s become available, getting get her a leaper mount via the crafting questline, and finally raising her Armorer level out of Tier 3, where it was stuck for the longest time just due to a shortage of mats. It took Iskaaron’s rise through that level range to finally stockpile enough. The Berserker is a very solid and durable class, and is, at this point, my preferred class in the Fighter archetype. But I will probably not move her up any farther very soon, in preference to other characters, Iskaaron in particular. She also predates (and did much of her leveling before) the AA slider, so she’s way behind where she should be in that department for her level. As a tradeskiller who makes heavy armor she’ll be able to make some nice appearance gear and such but won’t be in demand to make much plate.

As you may have noticed, I am choosing to display the older EQ2 character models in most cases. I don’t mind the new ones so much, but a lot of them have a sort of pouty look that I don’t care for, and generally the hair styles are less imaginative. Sometimes less silly, too, but you take the good with the bad.


2 responses to “My EQ2 Characters

  1. I’m with you in that I (mostly) prefer the old models to the new. Nice stable of characters you got there!

    Mine are mostly high elves, due to my penchant for betrayal back in the early days. I loved how the dark elves in Longshadow Alley would cheer at me when I’d walk by . . . .

  2. For some of the races I prefer the SOGA models, they are less frumpy but mostly for male characters. I’m so tempted to start back playing with that triple SC sale tomorrow… Plus all these interesting EQ2 posts since AoD launched, heh. Somehow it has more of a pull than SWTOR at the moment.