Today is Triple Station Cash Day. Oh, and Skyrim Online. Yeah.

This weekend has inadvertently become a Big News Weekend.

First, and Green Armadillo caught this first; I did not becuase for reasons unknown I only get about 10% of the e-mail notices that SOE sends out. But today, December 17 (by Pacific Time Zone Reckoning) is a triple Station Cash day. This apples to SC purchased directly as well as to time/SC cards punched in. Which is an amazing deal any way you look at it, but as GA cheerlessly (and accurately) points out, there’s going to be some raging about it from existing EQ2 players, namely those who bought Age of Discovery for $40 mere weeks ago, who could now have it for less than the cost of a $15 points card.

Assuming I can hit up Best Buy at some point to grab a card (or four – remember that Mrs. Ardwulf is now playing as well and could use some points,) this likely means a spate of Gold for me as well as an AoD pickup month ahead of schedule, and a Beastlord.

As to the other bit of big news… well Skyrim Online, that’s what. It’s just a mod, and the video footage captured is pretty freaking shaky, but it’s in the very, very early stages and has a lot of promise. Those commentators who feel that a game like Skyrim won’t work in a multiplayer environment are about to get a hard comeuppance or (more likely,) will get a passel of specific reasons why it doesn’t… but also that same list of things that would need to be changed to make it work. Minimally, the project will be a tremendous learning experience for many, including myself, who are wondering about the latter.

Also, ten million copies in the first month, people? Really? Those numbers are comparable to what Modern Warfare 3 has sold. Bestselling game in Steam history? Beating sales of all other PC games combined by threefold? Can we please take the “mass audiences don’t like sandbox games” nonsense to the basement and shoot it in the back of the head now?

One response to “Today is Triple Station Cash Day. Oh, and Skyrim Online. Yeah.

  1. If I’m reading the fine print correctly, this triple bonus applies to credit card purchases straight from SOE as well (which, last I checked, were available in any increment of 500 SC/$5). The thing that would definitely be store-specific is the Walmart SC card, which is 2000 SC/$15 at all times and is supposed to triple to 6000 SC (as Feldon notes, enough for a 6 month subscription). If there was a Walmart down the street from me, I would probably take that deal, but the closest one is around 40 minutes away. The upgrade from 4500 SC/$15 to 6000 SC/$15 is not an especially good use of my driving time or gas money.

    As you said in your comments on grandfathering old EQ2 characters, SOE is an odd company sometimes. I resubscribed and bought DOV about a month after its launch – had I held out another 2-3 weeks, I would have gotten 2000 SC included as a winback promo. In August, there was another promo that offered 500 SC and an exclusive Vulture mount (not even available in the SC store) for former subscribers only. Now we’re seeing a massive sale a mere eleven days after the expansion launch. Most companies reward their loyal customers, but SOE seems happy to charge them more instead.