The Obligatory Holiday Loot Post

The holidays are a great time for gaming. A lot of major releases come in November and December, and there are sales aplenty, and not only on Steam; both Amazon and GOG had some dynamite sales this year, and I’m sure there were others. And then there are the inevitable holiday gifts, and the posts by narcississtic bloggers about what loot they got. Ahem.

This particular year, my will of iron has sufficed to keep me from buying anything on Steam. Well, during the actual holiday sale, anyway; during the Autumn sale over the thanksgiving break I did pick up Europa Universalis III Chronicles (which is the complete Complete Edition,) and Star Ruler. I was tempted in the holiday sale’s first day or two by Portal 2 but held off. It’s my thinking that it’ll show up again in the usual “best of” offerings in the last day or two. If not, I can wait. Steam has offered lots of good stuff but nothing that I don’t have already at the drop-dead price that would guarantee my pulling the trigger.

I’ve owned a Playstation 3 for two years as of this holiday season, but aside from playing some Dragon Age and Fallout 3 in the first couple of weeks (both games I sold off and later bought on their natural platform, the PC,) it’s been used almost exclusively for Rock Band and watching the occasional Blu-Ray. That may be changing now; the Christmas holiday was a veritable PS3 bonanza for me. Not only did I get Lego Rock Band, which I’d been wanting for a while, but Saints Row 3, Red Dead Redemption and all three Uncharted games. At something of a loss as to where to start on this pile of stuff, I figured I would tackle the biggest portion first and started the first Uncharted. Which is pretty good so far, and is a good place to get one’s feet wet in PS3 gaming at any rate; the series as a whole is probably the signature line for the platform.

I had the relatives working from my Amazon wishlist, so there was some danger that I’d wind up with Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that did not pan out, which is probably a good thing; those who care are getting their fill of posts about SWTOR elsewhere. I did get a nice fat Amazon gift card and a book on the Unreal Engine, so I forsee a lot of busy days ahead.


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