The End of Skyrim

It had been my goal for the weekend to finish up the main plotline in Skyrim and move on to dabbling in Hearts of Iron 3, which will fit better with my schedule now that school has resumed. I had gotten about a third of the way through the main quest up to that point but had strayed far from it, logging close to 100 hours total and reaching level 41.

Over the break I finished up the story, and was very pleased with the outcome. I don’t want to spoil it, but the very final battle was a bit less epic than it could have been, but that was probably me being a bit overpowered for my level, with a full hit of Legendary Dragonplate enchanted out the wazoo and a bunch of Legendary weapons to boot. The level scaling in Skyrim is much more forgiving than it was in Oblivion. There’s a really nice way to play the denouement, too, that I really appreciated.

I did indeed start a game of HoI3 on Friday, as the French in 1936, based on the assumption that they should be easy to get started with in a very complicated game, and that any performance better that they did historically (they collapsed in six weeks) would be a moral victory. But when my primary time slot for gaming opened up on Sunday morning… I made a new character and played some more Skyrim. I’m probably close to finishing up for the time being, until some DLC and mods hit, but you never know.


One response to “The End of Skyrim

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever finish the main story for Skyrim. I just have too much fun doing everything else. Over 70 hours in and I’m not even 1/2 way done with it.