Silverlands Progress Report, February 2012

Silverlands is coming along. Not as quickly as I would like, to be sure, but this ain’t the only iron I’ve got in the fire. As I hope you can see from the mockup below, the map is progressing nicely, and I’ve started writing a couple of different sections.

As for what will be in the book, I am ready to talk about that. Bear in mind, though, that this is as much a blueprint for me as it is a formal announcement of the contents, so it’s subject to change, but I anticipate sticking pretty closely to it in broad outline.

  • A brief Introduction to the World of Ytherra, focusing on very broad history, the near-universal Zeresi Reckoning dating system and the Gods, with a short overview of significant powers and/or nations outside of the Silverlands. I project that this will come in at something like eight pages.
  • A Gazetteer of the Silverlands, presenting an overview of the region, its major geographical features, unique history and culture, and the various regional states and languages. Estimated at 16 pages.
  • The River Barons and the Lands Beyond, a large area detailed hex by hex, some of which will be civilized and some not. Area by area, it will contain not only individual encounters and points of interest, but also detailed, fully-mapped towns and villages, dungeons and lairs. Not every site will be developed, leaving room for the individual GM to insert his or her own material or published material as desired. A small number of sites that are slated for development in future products will be explicitly noted as such, but there will only be a handful of those. This will make up the bulk of the book, so page count is totally up in the air (but see below.)
  • A chapter of Gamemastering Ytherra containing various referee tools. These will include rumor tables, encounter matrices by locale, random generators for plots and dungeons, a weather generator and so forth, as well as a page or two of general advice regarding system, advancement pacing and the like.
  • Silverlands will be as broadly compatible with old-school gaming as I can make it, and should be easy to convert to whatever iteration is preferred, whether the original rules themselves or your retro-clone of choice. AC for both ascending and descending systems will be provided for all encounters, for example.

Not included in Silverlands but developed concurrently and released around the same time will be A Player’s Guide to Ytherra. I envision this as a brief overview of Ytherra background and guidelines for character creation, including information on character names. This will almost certainly be a free PDF download but also available in print.

I have not yet determined an actual hex count; that will largely depend on how much space the developed material eats up in the book. My target total page count is somewhere between 160 and 240 pages, so it’s looking like around eight to twelve 15×15 regions (at 6.2 miles to the hex.) This works out to be 1800-2700 hexes, which ought to keep anyone busy for a while.

There may be a poster-sized map; I’d love to do one but pricing on such has made the cost seem prohibitive. If anyone has any pointers to where such might be produced at a reasonable cost I’d love to hear about it.


One response to “Silverlands Progress Report, February 2012

  1. Sounds like your game is shaping up nicely. I don’t have much tabletop experience outside a playing few D&D 3.5 games but your setting sounds like something I’d enjoy immersing myself in. It’s surely better than any setting I’ve played in. (Keep in mind that my friends mom was our DM while playing 3.5)