What’s Up

No, I am not playing Mass Effect 3. It’s taken a back seat to the tabletop project I mentioned earlier. I will absolutely get to it, however – but probably when the price has dropped a bit. As much as I liked the previous two, I waited until they were $20 to buy them.

The Guild Wars 2 preorder goes live on April 10. I’m totally going in on that. The Collector’s Edition is again a ridiculous $150, which seems to be the new price point for such things. The regular edition will be fine with me.

Spring Break is here. The Winter quarter was very trying, but Spring should be better. Mrs. Ardwulf and I are planning a little trip (which my G+ circlers will probably get updates about) to celebrate our anniversary (actually later in the month,) but I will have a few idle days (comparatively – I still have to work, but just having to go to work feels like a vacation,) at the end, which I plan to drop on an MMO.

I have done little more than check in on any MMO in about three months and haven’t even done that for probably six weeks. I have a standing offer from Bioware to check out SWTOR for 7 days free, and I may take them up on that. Or I may just play EQ2 or LotRO. Haven’t decided yet.


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