An Early Visit to Telon

Model of patience and restraint that I am, I grabbed 30 days of Vanguard yesterday. The download and install happened in a very quick couple of hours, and I was back in Telon for the first time in the better part of a year. I love Vanguard, and even though I get tired or annoyed with it, I always seem to come back. I hadn’t been especially tempted but was spurred to it by the news of the impending free to play conversion, about which I’m seeing the traditional grousing drowned out, for a change, in a shower of support for the move. Let’s face it, you’d have to be kind of an idiot to oppose it in this case.

I’m having a weird account issue where most of my old characters are showing up on VGPlayers but not on the in-game loading screen. I filed a support ticket for that, and meanwhile the game is running like a charm at highest settings on a computer that hadn’t been asked to run it yet. We’ll see, hopefully, how well it holds up for grouping.

The population was pretty light in the low levels at an admittedly odd time, not really different from what I remember. Vanguard’s big open world made dynamic by a much larger pool of players is something I’m very much looking forward to. Open world dungeons are going to be amazing.

I did make a new character, a Thestran Human Necromancer. It’s a class I have never gotten very far with and a race some might find boring, but I like their starting area and I’ve always favored the human-types in Vanguard anyway. Part of the reason for my return is to feel out what race/class combinations I’d like to play over the long haul, so I can spend wisely if anything needs to be unlocked. I have a veritable mountain of Station Cash left over from last year’s triple Station Cash sale, so I’m not at all worried about it.

I have a few days left on my break and plan to make the most of it.

2 responses to “An Early Visit to Telon

  1. welcome back to the game. I intend to make the jump back in myself shortly as the group I was playing Tues day evenings and Sunday mornings are about to start a fresh run through the content with level one toons. Get with me if you think you might be available for those times and we will almost have a full, steady group to plow through the game with.

  2. Once it’s F2P I’ll probably jump in from time to time. I’ve always liked the game myself, even though I’ve never gotten very far with it.