Crafting Progress and A Game Update

I’ve been out of Vanguard crafting for so long that I’d frankly forgotten many of the moving parts. Thanks to advice given on the previous posts and diligent study of Quert’s Crafting Guides, I’m starting to get caught up with it again.

Mnembao hit level 11 in Tailoring right before I finished up for the day. This opens up Tier 2 and several crafting questlines, some of which will take me off of Qalia. I’m starting to find sweet spots in doing work orders that net the most experience for time invested based on quality levels I can reliably hit. I am finally srating to make my own bags and such, and plan to craft a set of gear for myself before resuming Adventuring.

SOE has also announced that the first in a series of loyalty rewards is afoot. This is already up on Halgar and goes live on Telon later today. Visiting a Herald of Telon in any of various locations results in a “the Loyal” title, a Banshee pet and a Bracelet of Lucky Charms, which is (presumably) the same desirable trinket one gets from completing the Isle of Dawn storyline. The update also fixes the Ini-herat problem which has been lingering for a little bit.

These updates, while small, are starting come come to come out more regularly as the team ramps up activity in preparation for the free to play transition. We’ve already learned that no new content is going to get pushed out until then, but when it comes, that update should be fairly substantial.

One response to “Crafting Progress and A Game Update

  1. Oh my, when did this site get redone? I usually just load it up from my reader.

    Anyways, glad to hear you’re doing well in VG. I’ll be returning again for a month when I get the money/time (it’s usually a matter of having both of them at the right time). Happy gaming!