Another Crack at Guild Wars

Despite the recent spate of Vanguard posts, I am still excited about Guild Wars 2, which is now available for pre-ord… er, pre-purchase, something I plan to get done this week. This has motivated me to try playing Guild Wars 1 for what might be the last time. Unfortunately, the first Guild Wars has never really clicked for me.

I recognize that it’s a good game, otherwise I would not have bought all three games plus an expansion which I have never seen a bit of, because I’ve never gotten higher than level 14 in the game. In every campaign I have gotten stuck somewhere along the line and have lost interest.

This time around I am again starting over, with an Elementalist (both a class I should like and the one I plan to be playing in Guild Wars 2,) in the Nightfall campaign, generally regarded as the best of the three. So far everything is going pretty smoothly, but then it always has until I hit the block. Guild Wars is a game that bends the MMO genre, not always in ways that I like. But its fundamental gameplay is quite strong and I have some faith that GW2 will be similar in that regard, while breaking MMO conventions in more ways that I approve of and fewer that I don’t.

So here’s hoping GW sticks this time… it’d be awfully nice to see Eye of the North, on which the story of GW2 appears to be hung, before the follow-up launches.

7 responses to “Another Crack at Guild Wars

  1. I’m not sure why but the majority of bloggers when discussing guild wars always say something along the lines of how it never hooked them or they never connected with it, even though many have tried it. My only conclusion is it isn’t a game for everyone no matter how much I liked it.

    If you’re aiming to get the rewards from the hall of monuments, it is a long haul and good luck to you, there are a few guides, i have one called the easy 30, but make no mistake, it does take a bit of dedication and regular play.

    Anyway, good luck, my only advice is to find a guild. MMOs are meant to be played with people and in the case of Guild Wars this is especially the case.

  2. I”m really looking forward to the improvements. I’ve been following the development for a while and they’ve definitely learned from the rough spots in the GW1 design. I admit that I had the same “I don’t quite get it” feel when I first played through. Upon a 2nd play-through, and after reading some blogs, the “it” clicked.

    The skill system in GW1 (pretty much the entire combat engine) isn’t a normal “RPG skill-progression tree”…. It’s a collecable card game, and you have to build your “deck” (the “active skill bar”) out of your collection of skills for the mission you are attempting.

    This means running multiple characters through multiple “builds” to see how they work, and then throwing the most useful build at the situation at hand for your current character. That’s a big “learning curve”, and it’s something they’ve been addressing early on in the combat re-organization.

    I’m also interested to see how their procedural storytelling techniques are going to play out.

  3. I need to play some more of GW1 myself. I recently bought the complete set, even though I already had the original, just so I could get the Eye of the North campaign and I wanted to make an Assassin from Factions.

    Adding the new purchase with my old account and playing said Assassin up to lvl 17 so far in the Eye of the North has unlocked four or five pieces of gear for me so far in GW2. I highly suggest you jump over to the Eye of the North area and work on that yourself if you are thinking of getting into GW2. Plus Eye of the North’s story is nice and like you said, it ties in with the story of GW2.

  4. The thing that helped me get through Nightfall when I started to hit a hump around level nine or ten:

    Every time you see a rez shrine out in the game world, speak to the Sunspear Scout there and get the bounty buff for killing mobs in the area. It’s pretty much imperative and (although I could just be a bit thick) not really emphasised that it’s really a rather important thing to do.

    After that, I found that the quest chain on Nightfall’s starter island is pretty slick and whips you along in level and progress at a fair old pace.

    Now I’m level 20, out in the world proper, and realising just how little I’ve scratched the surface.

  5. Funny you bring up GW1. I signed up for yet another trial but didn’t get in to deep. I’ve been there before, but like you, the game couldn’t hook me. But I am also sitting on the fence with Vanguard, having a hard time deciding to sign up again.

  6. “Melmoth, you rat bastard”

    I like to think my Persuasion title track reads ‘rat gentleman scoundrel’; if I were on commission from ArenaNet, however, I’d probably have to concede the title upgrade to full ‘rat bastard’.

    Hope you enjoy the game.