Beta Looms

When I had the chance to log into Guild Wars on Sunday, I found that I just didn’t have the will. Maybe I will go back in a couple of days. More likely, I’m playing it as a placebo for Guild Wars 2, much like I did with Oblivion while waiting for Skyrim to release. Which means back to Vanguard.

As GW2 prepurchase guarantees (although I like to not count on this kind of thing,) access to beta events, it’s time to start pondering how best to approach playing in them. The situation is different than it was for Rift or SWTOR; I waffled on the latter multiple times but had basically decided not to buy it by the time I got my peek at the game. I would have been happy to be proven wrong, but I wasn’t. GW2, on the other hand, I will be playing, and that demands a different angle of attack. Do you play the class and race you want to play when the game goes live with the intention of learning them as well as possible? Do you try something you know you don’t intend to play at launch? Or do you ignore any plans and try out everything you can?

For that matter, do you choose to play in the beta at all, knowing that it might sour you on the game or expose you to enough of it that you’ll be tired of it when it launches? Not playing in the beta would keep everything fresh for launch, when it counts. But really, who am I kidding here? Of course I’ll play in the beta.

As to what I’ll play, I’ve been watching class videos on YouTube and the ones I find most attractive seem to be the Elementalist, Guardian, Ranger and Necromancer, more or less in that order. To be honest, though, none of the classes look lame to me, and I may try them all. Since I’m hearing that you’ll get five character slots in the game at launch, I may as well have a crack at the Thief and Engineer first.

5 responses to “Beta Looms

  1. I was thinking it might be best to start with the class you’re least interested in. That would be necromancer for me. Was also thinking of concentrating on playing in the wvwvw area so as not to spoil the surprises the world has to offer. Or just choose 3 classes you are most interested in and playing them in the exact same racial starting area to get a feel for which you like best and only spoiling a small piece of the content.

    Either way, not going to go Human as my main will be human don’t want to spoil any of the experience before launch.

  2. I feel on the same boat. I am about to pre-purchase the game, but I kinda don’t want to play the beta because of the chance I’ll get sick of parts of it like in Rift (can’t stand Silverwood anymore)

    So yeah, I’ll avoid the race I like the best so far, the human, and the elementalist class. Which could lead me to having a new favorite. Quite the risks 🙂

  3. I’m opting out as I need to finish my main class story in SWTOR before I’m happy to move on to GW2. If I were in a different position I’d pick a class and race on rank 3 or 4 of my list – dangerous to play something totally against normal preferences in case it sours the initial impressions. But I’d definitely avoid my preferred combo (Charr Necromancer) as I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises.

  4. I’ve been doing the same thing. Watching class videos and trying to decide what I like most. None of them jump out as being the one I most want to play. They all look interesting and fun to play. Like you, all I can do is narrow them down to three or four classes. I may have to play them all and see if one clicks.

    Coppertopper’s plan makes sense. Play the least interesting classes during any beta time, just to rule them out. Though we might be surprised. And that’s precisely why we would do such an activity.