More Questing For Unicorns

The quest chains for Vanguard’s unicorn and shadowhound mounts are among a fairly large number of major quest chains in the game for the middle levels. Many of these revolve around particular dungeons, although some, like the United Races of Thestra or Hunter’s League quests, take you all over the place. The mount chains are longer than most, taking optimally something like 15-25 hours of play to complete, over 30+ quests and all three continents of Telon.

The unicorn chain starts out in Thestra, then send you back and forth between all three continents before you have to run some major errands for the lead Qalian unicorn. One of these involves killing a fairly hefty number of Skrilien Lizardmen in a large and heavily populated area in the Strand of the Ancients. Like much of the rest of the chain it is possible to solo at level, but not easy. There are 4-dot mobs roaming about as well as packs of 3-dot mobs, and a double pull or an add even of the weaker ones (the 2-dot mobs in parts of the camp don’t count toward the quest,) and the outcome is by no means guaranteed.

At my goofball play hours, there weren’t a whole lot of people on, and only a half dozen or so guildies. But on the outskirts of the camp I came across a tombstone. So I sent its player a tell, and it turned out he was a guildie working the same quest. He was a Rogue, stealthing everywhere, and I never would have spotted him unless I had noticed that he was in the same chunk in the guild panel. This made things a lot easier, but by no means foolproof โ€” we both died a couple of times but in the end I more than came out ahead on XP.

Ardwulf is now about 80% of the way to level 30. Making it will be a big deal โ€” faster mounts and a whole passel of new and upgraded abilities become available. The unicorn questline is proceeding โ€” not quickly, but I wanted something I could take my time with, and this one has an interesting story and a lot of depth. I’m enjoying it tremendously.

2 responses to “More Questing For Unicorns

  1. I just finished those guys, solo, ugh… I did not like that part, lol. Add me to friends, I’m a bit ahead in the chain but I don’t mind helping out if you ever need, you’ll probably catch up to where I am soon.