Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard Today and Guild Wars 2 This Weekend

There’s a lot of things going on right now.

First of all, we have the latest Ardwulf Presents video, episode 3. You might recall that episode 2 was… some time back. But I’m back in business now and plan to do one of these every week or so. They will be short, unscripted and unedited videos featuring about ten minutes or so of gameplay and commentary from a variety of games. This week it’s Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

Along with the Ardwulf Presents series will be the companion Ardwulf Presents Showcase, more in-depth videos with a closer look at actual gameplay functionality. The first of these will be up this weekend, and will feature (if all goes according to plan) Guild Wars 2. The beta event server list is up; I will be playing on the Tarnished Coast server, in the Human starting area.

I was joking about this earlier in the week, but I think I do want to limit my exposure to GW2 during this event. So I will not be playing it for thirty hours or whatever. But I do plan to put in two hours on Friday and another two or three on Sunday.


4 responses to “Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard Today and Guild Wars 2 This Weekend

  1. Good video! Looking forward to giving Vanguard a try this summer. How much hard drive space does it take up? My SSD drive has about 60 gigs free left, so I’d like to fit Vanguard, GW2, and LOTRO on it, but I’m thinking that probably won’t be enough space for all 3.