Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Plans

Welcome to April 27th. The Guild Wars 2 experience begins today for many who have been looking forward to it for a long time. The beta is scheduled to begin at 3PM EDT

Just to remind everyone, if all goes according to plan, I will have videos of the event on the Ardwulf’s Lair YouTube channel, hopefully not too long after the event kicks off. I plan to play for about an hour up front, then I will start the video upload and run off to do RL stuff, and will likely be back on later in the evening if anyone wants to say hello. Tarnished Coast server, human starter area, and I’ll Tweet the character name once I’m in.

Most of the rest of the weekend is busy with other stuff but I may find time to log in and fart around.


One response to “Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Plans

  1. I will be playing on the same server under the name Meithar Tarshear (if they allow last names). I will also be streaming for the first couple of hours at least on if you want to pop in and say high. I hope to meet up and see how the grouping works with the event system. I will be playing a Human Thief.