Guild Wars 2 First Impressions Videos, Parts 3 & 4 plus Norn Character Creation

Here’s the last of the day one video (now numbered correctly,) parts 3 and 4 of the Human starter area and Queensdale, plus another video of character creation from the Norn Female side, to replace the failed Human character creation video. Enjoy!

There may be more video coming tomorrow.

4 responses to “Guild Wars 2 First Impressions Videos, Parts 3 & 4 plus Norn Character Creation

  1. My problem with world events is they require a certain number of people to defeat them. After launch it’s hard for someone who’s traveling through the starter lands to encounter enough people to complete them. Do you know if GW2 is addressing this problem?

  2. It ought not be an issue. I know Rift scales based on number of players and that works well. I did run into an event bug this weekend however. In the Charr starting area there were too many of us and the event could not reset and allow us to continue the quest. At some point the green star was supposed to show up on one of the NPCs and we were to go through the crypt gate, but it wasn’t happening. We had to get players to back off and not touch the oncoming enemy. I ended up logging off and trying again later. I don’t know if that is a good depiction of the problem, but there was obviously an issue. I assume ArenaNet will address that.

  3. Thanks for the GW2 vids, nicely done! Nicely presented, good image quality (very good actually, excellent even at lower YouTube settings) and generally just enjoyable to watch, so I subscribed.

    I had very little problem running the beta, everything cranked up to the highest levels, running 1920×1200, even with masses of people in both PvE and WvW. As there is not much optimization yet, I expect some of us were just lucky to have a certain combo of CPU, GPU, motherboard, and memory that ran it smoothly. Plus I wasn’t running recording software.

    Not sure if you eventually found it, but there is an auto-loot option in the first Options tab settings. Turn that on and you just press “F” once when there is loot for you and it picks up everything from that mob, but you do have to do that for each one. I’m not a fan of area looting as I like to see what each one dropped, but I’m probably alone in that.