It’s Newbie Blogger Initiative Month!

Have you ever thought about writing your own blog? Well, the team of writers and editors going under the alias “Syp” have suggested an effort called the Newbie Blogger Initiative to encourage interested folks to try their hands at writing blogs of their own. MMORPG blogs specifically, but there no real reason anyone has to be limited to that. During the month of May you’ll see posts like this here and on an array of other MMO blogs, offering advice and encouragement to new bloggers.

If you have considered writing your own blog, even in passing, head on over to the Newbie Blogger Inititaive forums, read and register and maybe say a word or three there. And just start yourself up a WordPress or Blogspot site while you’re at it. When you want to say something, say it. As a blogger, you can say what you want, when you want. A journal of your in-game adventures, tips and tricks, a running commentary on the state of the industry, ruminations about the underlying philosophies of game design, or digging into the numbers behind the game… all are fair game. There are no limits.

And that’s the whole point. I got started back in 2007 by chronicling my adventures in Vanguard on a site called GAX. It didn’t take long to move on to my own site on WordPress and start commenting on a variety of topics, mostly MMO stuff but other bits that interest me as well. Along the way, I have done a lot of great things and made some blockbuster memories. I’ve been featured on a number of high-profile sites, broke the news worldwide about the World of Darkness MMO, was asked to be on the very last episode of the Shut Up, We’re Talking podcast, and best of all have become acquainted with a lot of quality people from the MMO blogging community, some of whom I now consider good friends. It’s also been a learning experience from a writing perspective and it’s encouraged me to write in a more disciplined way.

So why not join us? There’s no pressure, no editor, no dictator hanging topics or deadlines over your head. You can write about games or other stuff in whatever proportion you like. You can be as mild or analytical or provocative as you want. The initiative runs through the month of May, and you can get support and advice over on the forums, and probably a nice head start on hits from all the established bloggers (over 70!) linking to you at the end of the month.


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