I’m On A Boat

As part of the drive to f2p, the Vanguard dev team is handing out a string of veteran rewards. Last month some nice items were given away, including most importantly the Isle of Dawn Diplomacy trinket, especially valuable to those who didn’t start there, as it’s an item that scales up with you all the way to level 50. Those are being phased out now and will no longer be available after next week’s update, so get yours now if you haven’t already.

This month’s items include a power armor/mount thing from those dreaded gnomes, some tack and barding for it (but usable with normal mounts as well,) and some crates that contain random gear and such and can be unlocked at Kamelott Landing. Oh, and a boat. I repeat, free boat.

This is the smallest boat available in the game and can’t venture out into deep water, but it works for journeys along the coast and scenic river passages. It’s all kinds of awesome. The Loyalty Rewards vendor is standing just outside the bank in Khal (and there are similar vendors in Tanvu and New Targonor as well.)


8 responses to “I’m On A Boat

  1. One question, is there a way for non 50’s to get to the Landing other then dieing just off shore? Love the rewards, but very annoying to get there.

    • You don’t have to go to the Landing for the boat, the title or the goofy mount, just for the gear crates, and the gear is all level 50+ anyway

  2. I have noticed a very common dev mistake, the assumption that everyone in game has been there done that. Even with last months it took me ages to find the right NPC to get the companion pet and item – sure most vets probably have been to that NPC so many times but to a new player it was easy to overlook. I ran around New Tarangor (my new least favourite virtual city – such a warren!) for 30 mins out of sheer stubborn “I will find it myself without using the wiki” before giving up and realising I’d ran past the guy at the entrance when I first arrived and was in awe of the scale of the place…

  3. I’ve been a subscriber off and on for the past year. I’m not currently subscribed. Do you know, if I subscribe now, would I be able to get the boat, or is it only for current subscribers?

  4. I will be logging in every one of my characters (and Mrs Bhagpuss’s) this weekend. All shall have boats!

    It is one per character, right?