Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard Loyalty Rewards

Since there seems to be some confusion about where to get the current round of loyalty rewards in Vanguard, I ran off a quick video showing where to go, and showing off the shiny Brown Sloop that’s part of the package.

Another loyalty reward, the Kamelott Overland Onslaught Life-Sustaining Exo-Skeleton mount/robot thingie, is shown off by Jeremy in his vid from a couple of days ago. He also shows you where to go to get it in New Targonor.



2 responses to “Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard Loyalty Rewards

  1. I just posted about the very same thing, albeit with screenshots not videos.

    This set of rewards is so good it’s hard to think how they can top them and they probably have at least two more rounds to go – maybe three or four.