The Secret World Beta Impressions [Video]

Here we have another episode of Ardwulf Presents, the first hour or so of gameplay from the weekend’s Secret World Beta. Mostly I’d like to let the video stand for itself, but I’ll have a few brief things to say afterward.

The current state of The Secret World is very much a beta. That is, it’s the kind of beta that we would traditionally expect rather than the kind of marketing “beta” that’s really a trial that we’ve seen a lot of lately. It’s purportedly a bit over a month from release and the build that we got to play is still kind of shaky.

The premise of the game is interesting, if linear, and the character progression system is interesting, if opaque. We only got to see one of the three factions, so I’m not sure if the shallowness we saw is actually reflective of the whole game. And word is that the tutorial/intro is something slapped together for the beta, and that it’ll be replaced for launch.

That said, having tried it out, I will not be buying The Secret World at launch. It may mature into a solid game, but I suspect that a lot of players are going to wait until it goes freemium to try it out. That’s my plan.


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