Questing for the Old Ones

Along with diversions into LotRO as time permits, I’m still playing Vanguard. At this moment, I have three characters who could readily get to a major hub to secure the May loyalty rewards, so it seems prudent to push a few other characters along to that point as well. At some point around level 10 most characters will find a riftstone somewhere reasonably nearby, and can jaunt to Khal or New Targonor or wherever from there.

One such character is Mrowwl, a Kurashasa Sorcerer of relatively recent vintage, currently at level 5. This seemed an ideal combination to me, as thematically the Vanguard Sorcerer is a wielder of chaos magic, and the Kurashasa starter area is… weird. You’re literally doing quests handed down directly or indirectly by various Elder Things, and at one point you “merge” with one, giving you an apparently permanent +10% damage buff as well as creepy voices in your head.

It’s all delightfully reminiscent of Lovecraft, and I can’t help but contrast it to the early experience in The Secret World, in which the typically Lovecraftian town of Kingsmouth is elaborately laid down only to be besieged not by strange and alien horrors but by dull and conventional zombies.

There is a Diplomacy questline as well, but I haven’t started it yet. If there is one for crafting I have not seen it, but if not that’s okay — at some point you get punted out to Lomshir and there is such a questline there.

While I intend Ardwulf to be my main in Vanguard for the foreseeable future, I’d like to get the loyalty rewards on as many characters as possible. I suspect that one of them, possibly in the last batch handed out before free to play goes live, is going to be a flying mount, which in Vanguard is both immensely valuable and at present very hard to get.


3 responses to “Questing for the Old Ones

  1. I can see a flying mount coming along next, but I really really really really really wish they don’t do it. I was always against randolph, this wouldnt be much better.

  2. The Kurashasa starting area is the second worst starting area I have ever seen in any MMO. I hate it it to an irrational degree. In beta I sent some of the most angry, blistering feedback about it that I have ever sent about anything in any MMO beta (and I send a lot of pretty hostile feedback in betas).

    My first beta character was a Kurashasa so that hideous nonsense was my first exposure to Vanguard and as I told Sigil at the time it was a miracle I ever saw anything else.

    The very worst starting area I’ve ever seen in MMOs is also in Vanguard. I’d have to look up which race it is but it’s the one where you start as a an officer some utterly fascistic, genocidal army and have no choice other than to run a series of quests in which you perform unspeakable acts against helpless civillians before some deus ex machina ending dumps you on the shore of another island with either your memory wiped or having seen the error of your ways. I forget which.

    I actually tried to swim to the other island to avoid that one, which is possible, but you can’t progress beyond a certain level unless you complete the quest so in the end I had to delete the character.

    As for a Veteran flying mount – yes please.

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