The Newbie Blogger Initiative Thunders On

The Newbie Blogger Initiative is going strong… very strong, with dozens of posts from sponsor blogs and a metric crapton of new and newish blogs joining the ranks. The response has been crazy. The reach of Unholy Syp is long.

That’s actually made it difficult for the sponsors, since the number of new blogs is so large it’s hard to keep track of them all. But I’m going to try! Here’s the big list of new blogs started under the NBI’s initiative (I have probably missed some – if you spot an omission let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.)

Casual Aggro
SWTOR From Scratch
The Poison Mushroom
My Staff Is Bigger Than Yours
Musings of an Altoholic
Neurotic Girl
Geo’s Ironman Challenge
Crafty’s Corner
Saali in Taborea
Unwavering Sentinel
MMO Compendium
Windy Acres Ranch
Bad Tauren
Scattered Thoughts
Vagabond goes for a Walk
EVE All Night
Priest All the Things
Brazokie’s Blog Space
Warp to Zero
Wynniekins’ Adventures
Wynnie goes Free to Play
Toastman’s Blog
The Incidental Analyst
Conveniently Placed Exhaust Port
Adamant Nomad
World’s End Tavern
Diminishing Returns
Warrior Needs Time Badly
That Was an Accident!
Middle Earth Initiative
The Adventures of Danania
Unliving a Death Knight
Death Stomp
MMO Juggler
White Charr
Not Too Heavy
Raspberry Jammed
Click to Loot
Kaw Kaw Get in the Bag
The Blue Haired Geek
Omens of Onterion
MMO One Night a Week
Malefic Incantations
Flask Half Empty
Mistress of Illusions
Healing Mains
Gaming for Introverts
Glimpses From Middle-Earth
Goetia’s Letters
/con mmob
Gaming Abroad
Backseat Game Design
Divinity’s Reach
Big Numbers!
Trippin Tyria
Eons and Eons Away
Horrible Ball of Fire
Image Heavy
Casually Vicious
The Frugal Gamer
Gaming Brew
This Roaring Silence
Game Delver
The Diverted Muse
Newbie Hobbit
Red’s Roid Rage
The Not So New Noob
Noob Raider
The Altoholic
Auction House on Farm
Giddeon’s Hammer
Inside the Magic Shop
Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Argus or Bust
Lotro Cinna
WarlockeryStabby McStabStab
Warcraft Street
Real Adventures In Fake Worlds

That’s just the new blogs. And there’s some great blogs in there — be sure to support them by adding them to your feedreader and commenting on them. And for those on the fence, it’s not too late to check in at NBI HQ and start blogging.

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