First Look at ForgeLight

This video from the Planetside 2 alpha is a few days old now but I hadn’t seen it until this point. Go ahead and give it a watch.

This is SOE’s new ForgeLight engine in action. Bearing in mind that it’s alpha footage and is sure to get better in any number of ways, I’m struck by how terrific the lighting and environmental effects are. It’s made me more interested in Planetside 2 than I was, and more excited about this very same engine, only tested and matured by its use in the preceding game, used to power EverQuest Next.

One response to “First Look at ForgeLight

  1. My reaction was exactly the same. It’s a given that I’ll play EQNext no matter what it looks like, but this goes some way to making me think there may be substance to the hype they’ve been giving ForgeLight.

    Assuming Sony is still in business in 2016 or whenever we finally get to play.