38 Studios Is Dead, Alas

In the creepiest MMO news of the year, Project Copernicus died on the same day — May 24th — as Nicolaus Copernicus did in 1543. I just don’t have it in me to gravedance upon the officially kaput 38 Studios. Lots of quality folks are now unemployed, and that’s not happy for anyone. Curt’s getting his share of flak for what went on, and he’ll get more as time goes on. There’s no need for me to dish out more.

Ironically, though, the big winner in all this may turn out to be Turbine, which hosted a job fair mere blocks from 38 Studios’ HQ a few days ago — and surely everyone at 38 saw the writing on the wall when paychecks started to bounce. That is what I find most upsetting about the whole situation, the breach of the most sacred bond of trust between employer and employee.

3 responses to “38 Studios Is Dead, Alas

  1. This is why I have zero sympathy for the management. They made stupid business plans, relied on unrealistic predictions, and drove their company into the ground because they had committed to take on more staff than they could afford.

    I had thought that in the UK companies are required to inform the staff if they’re likely to be unable to make payroll. Shame that isn’t the case in America.

  2. I kind of feel the same way about the management. Not only did they not make payroll, they stopped paying health insurance without informing staff. That was only discovered when the doctor of an employee’s pregnant wife informed her.

    It’s one thing to not find your paycheck in you bank account, it’s completely different to think you may have coverage for a potentially seriously expensive medical procedure. That 38 Studios didn’t give their employees the opportunity to arrange alternative cover, leaving them exposed, shows exactly how much they cared for their workers. It’s disgraceful. Schilling should be ashamed.

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