The Summer in MMOs and Other Stuff

We have quite a summer ahead of us in the MMO sphere. The release of Guild Wars 2 may come before Mabon, and the free-to-play launch of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes should as well. My feeling is that both of those will happen late in the season, and there’s a good chance, in my estimation, that GW2 will get pushed back into the fall, although NCSoft is telling its investors that it’ll launch this year.

There’s also the chance that Mists of Pandaria will find its way onto store shelves during this period. The hunch at this point is that it’s pretty close to being ready, and that Blizzard is holding off on a firm date to see when its big potential rival (GW2) will launch so they can jockey for the best positioning. But I think that Blizzard’s patience will be as limited as that of WoW players — they’ll only wait so long, and then they’ll go ahead, because fresh content is badly needed, and the expansion is supposedly going to fix some lingering issues brought in with previous rounds of enhancement.

So what are my plans for the summer? Spring classes finally wind down this week, and I’ll get a couple of months of comparative leisure; last summer I got quite a bit of quality gaming in, a lot of it free thanks to Sony’s, shall we say, “suboptimal spring.” This year may not be quite as optimal; we’ve a houseguest (our nephew) for the next two weeks, we’re probably moving around late July, and there is the Pennsic War in early August, and that’s a definite this year (we didn’t go last year, which made both Mr. and Mrs. Ardwulf very sad.)

As far as gaming goes, I may try to get some boardgaming in — we have an excellent local club that does that kind of thing and I want to play some Twilight Imperium. Plus I’ve a hankering to do some old school hex and counter wargaming, no doubt where we all stand around reminiscing about the good old days of SPI, smoking pipes and thoughtfully stroking our beards as we pore over the mapsheets. There may be tweed involved. (I exaggerate only slightly.)

IN the MMO department, I have 30 days of Rift waiting, courtesy of Raptr (and Trion, of course,) so I plan to dabble in that over the next couple of weeks. The big thrust of my gaming, though, will be in SOE’s All Access pass games, primarily Vanguard and EverQuest II. So pretty much the same games I was playing last summer. By the time GW2 comes out classes are likely to have started back up, which is fine as I have every intention of taking my sweet time with it.


One response to “The Summer in MMOs and Other Stuff

  1. In our house we’re looking at a June of beta weekends followed by a summer of The Secret World and City of Steam alpha (assuming one or both of us gets invites). I plan on jumping into Vanguard when it goes F2P – not sure Mrs Bhagpuss will, though. Plus the inevitable EQ2 and much dabbling in a dozen other titles, no doubt.

    That should see us through until Septemberish, by when I hope we’ll at least have a firm release date for GW2. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it as late as November. There are also a couple of wild cards out there – Otherlands could go into some kind of accessible beta later this year and there’s the FFXIV 2.0 relaunch that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

    Looking like a very good year for MMOs to me, counter to the prevailing doom and gloom. Next year looks good, too.