Duds But No Boat

I have a level 6 Varanthari Warrior who’s been tooling around in Lomshir here and there. I am not seriously working on him at all, but he’s there in case I want to play a Warrior at some point. Plus the Varanthari are pretty cool.

Today I ran him down to Khal to pick up the cosmetic plate armor that’s part of this month’s loyalty rewards, which also, by the by, includes a voucher for your choice of small house. The run from Lomshir to Khal takes a little while but is not hugely onerous. question

The cosmetic armor is kind of spiffy in an ornate plate kind of way. Work great for this character, or for a Paladin (which I don’t have.) But why didn’t I run down there last month for the boat, which would have been actually useful? I did pick it up on several other characters, admittedly.

3 responses to “Duds But No Boat

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  2. I really liked the plate armor look, I’ve always been a fan of how it looks in VG. I forgot to get a boat on my level six druid, kind of wishing I had now, oh well I’ll grab her the armor at least!