A Full Resumption

The MMO of choice at the moment is EverQuest II. It’s another of those games that I have spent a substantial amount of time on but have never managed to get to the level cap. Or even close, really — my highest-level character in the game is a 50 Berserker (the current level cap is 90.)

There are several reasons for this. For one, I have a lot of characters: eleven on my main account, plus another (free) account just to fool around with on the side. For another, I have spent a substantial amount of time working on tradeskills — a major part of the reason I have so many characters in the first place. Given that tradeskills in EQ2 have their own levels on top of what you do as an adventurer, I’ve accumulated a staggering 544 total levels in the game!

Despite that, once all these characters were established (defined by me as reaching level 20 in tradeskill or adventuring class) I have generally managed to keep a single adventuring main. Right now that is my Warlock Iskaaron, who is progressing nicely. You can cheese the system in EQ2 to powerlevel very rapidly, but I’m not doing that, and I’m saving my XP potions for tradeskilling. Even so, I’m racking on the levels every hour or two just doing random adventuring stuff, and I’m not sticking to the so-called “Golden Path,” by which method I would have spent level 32-42 in the Steamfont Mountains, a zone I don’t really like all that much. So while I did visit Steamfont I also adventured in the Enchanted Lands, Rivervale and Feerott, and moved on to Lavastorm at level 44, two levels later than the “Golden Path” would suggest.

I have not done anything with tradeskilling since my full-time return; my highest crafter is a level 41 tailor, to whom I will probably try to add some levels soon, so I can make a set of tier 5 crafted gear for Iskaaron, plus bigger bags for assorted characters. You can buy much bigger bags than I can currently make pretty cheap on the Broker; I have a decent stockpile of 20+ plat set aside for such things, but I like to make my own stuff where possible. I’d also like to boost my Provisioner, currently level 35 (and only 12 adventuring, largely from exploration XP while doing tradeskill quests,) into tier 5… and it’s always nice to have a carpenter for house items and strongboxes.

At the current pace it should only take another week or so to reach level 60. That’ll let me claim my glider at long last and see zones like Lesser Faydark and Tenebrous Tangle for the first time. In fairness, I have stuck my head into both zones, but I have never really explored either place. And then we shall see; EQ2 is not a difficult game to level in these days, but I’ve chosen to stray substantially from the optimal path when I think there’s more interesting things to do elsewhere.


4 responses to “A Full Resumption

  1. I’m pretty much the same way. I’ll take the scenic zone, or the zone with awesome quests over the “power” zone anyday.

  2. Kinda reminds me of the last character I created. Went to a brand new server so I wouldn’t be able to twink myself. Once I hit level 10 I put the AA slider to 90%. Wandered a lot, hit several different zones, never followed “the golden path.” I did join a guild that was pretty large and had a full crafting vault in the guild hall, so that was a huge boon to the crafting I did.

    Last I recall I was level 55 adventurer, level 90 sage (epic complete, working the flying mount quest), 450 Tinkerer, 450 Transmuter, 140-ish AA’s. It was a lot of fun to take my time, explore a lot, etc. Should I ever go back to EQ2, that’s the character I’ll be playing again, long before I think of working any of my 90’s up to the new cap of 92.

  3. Geez, don’t make me count my total EQ2 levels – it must be several thousand now.

    Once I hit “Post Comment” I’m off to The Secret World beta and from the end of June I don’t expect to be spending much time in EQ2 for a while, but inevitably i will return as i always do. Of all the MMOs I’ve ever played, EQ2 has the most varied and repeatable content – there’s something to suit just about any mood or whim.

    No matter what else I’m up to, I will definitely be back when SOEEmote arrives. I have plans for that, hehe!