Leveling the Slightly Slower Way (But Still Kind of Fast)

Since the last play report I have been playing EverQuest II pretty steadily. I have done housekeeping on a bunch of characters, mostly to soak up excess collectables and ability tomes, and put five new levels on my Carpenter, leveling him to 35. Fairly soon we’ll be hitting that point where I’ll want to push all my primary tradeskillers out of Tier 3 and into Tier 4: that’s the aforementioned Carpenter, a Provisioner, Tailor, Weaponcrafter and Armorer. A fair amount of work, but it really shouldn’t soak up that much time; advancing through Tier 2 via tradeskilling writs is pretty fast and doesn’t consume a ridiculous amount of materials.

Most of my time, though, has gone into Iskaaron, with the broad goal of getting him to level 60 in some reasonable amount of time. I am now taking a different strategy, since I seemed to be outleveling zones pretty quickly with the AA slider set to 55%. So right around level 45, after finishing the first few rounds of quests in Lavastorm, I set the AA slider to 75% and went back to a couple of zones I’d finished up with, including Zek, the Enchanted Lands and Rivervale, and finally back to the Feerott. Employing a mercenary lets you readily solo any non-dungeon quests in these zones, and a leaper mount lets you get around them with negligible hassle, so I managed to wipe out just about every available quest.

I’m up to 80 AA now and am at level 48, and still working the Feerott, with no real end in sight. Instead of working a ton of quests in parallel at this point I’m working my way down a few notable chains. There’s a chance I’ll hit 49 by the time I’m finished, at which point it will be time to stray from the Golden Path yet again, this time to Everfrost — although I believe that got revamped a while back, so I’m not sure it’ll be level-suitable anymore. But it doesn’t really matter — even at 75% AA there’s more than I can do before I outlevel areas, even ignoring dunegons.

2 responses to “Leveling the Slightly Slower Way (But Still Kind of Fast)

  1. Everfrost is lower than Lavastorm so you’re doing those two in reverse order. However, the entire concept of “outleveling” a zone hasn’t existed in EQ2 for a long time. Chrono-mentoring keeps all zones permanently in xp range, and not just nominally, either. My Berserker did the majority of 90-92 on content of all levels, right down to Fallen Gate and Crushbone. The xp penalty is more than outweighed by the speed of kills.

    That’s an extreme example and of course you can’t expect the zones to retain challenge if you mentor down that far, but chronoing from, say 40 to 30 won’t trivialize content. What it will do is open up lots of Heroic content that can be soloed or merc-duoed. Dungeons are huge fun that way, and very rewarding because the drops will still be relevant, especially the Master spells.

    It will be interesting to see how this type of gameplay is affected by the upcoming “level agnostic” changes. If they’re able to pull that off, in theory everywhere would automatically be “your level” without you having to do anything about it. I’m not sure I want that.

    Tradeskills, sadly in my opinion, have no fast-forward button. I pretty much gave up on crafting when they made the change from discovery bonus to writs. Grinding writs is not entertainment in any way, shape or form. Adventuring in EQ2 is now orders of magnitude faster and easier than crafting, which can’t be good.

  2. I recently returned to the game a couple weeks ago and am now at level 75 with 225 AA and level 48 tailor. I’ve been working on leveling my adorning as well which is now at 175 or so.