Brad McQuaid Returns to Vanguard. No, Really.

The fiddly bits of Vanguard’s free-to-play model may not have been unexpected, but this is. If it were April 1st, I would have chortled. But it’s for real: Brad McQuaid is returning to the Vanguard team.

I see no sense in belaboring the details, but getting back to game development is probably the best thing for Brad, and while I’m not a McQuaid fanboy in any sense it’s both good and interesting to see him back with Vanguard.

Brad has apparently been back with SOE since February, most likely (it seems to me) working on Vanguard behind the scenes this whole time. The accopanying Developer Spotlight is pretty light on details of what’s being worked on.

I may have more detailed thoughts on this subject later.


4 responses to “Brad McQuaid Returns to Vanguard. No, Really.

  1. Good lord.

    It has to be said, 5 years since he made a complete mess of things is probably enough time to atone. Maybe he’s a great creative with no knack for management, in which case he’s probably coming in at the right level. I wish him and VG the best of luck. Looking forward to the F2P launch.

  2. When I think about all the MMOs I have played and the number of hours/days I have spent enjoying them, EQ and Vanguard are my favorite and I have spent the most time playing them. I guess that makes me a fan of McQuaid’s game design. I’m rather excited about the news. My response, like others, is, “no way!” I think it’s neat though. Makes me want to play Vanguard more. I have paid for Vanguard a long time and I was hoping to get a monetary reprieve with the F2P conversion, but the details suggest that I may have to continue to pay for those months that my Vanguard craving returns. Anyways, it’s good news. Vanguard is a great game that deserves more.

  3. It’s clear he has friends in high places, to be given a second chance after the blatant incompetence he displayed with Vanguard. Goes to show Networking > All.

  4. Vanguard might run smoother today, but its definitely not continued in the direction it was started. All the content since the botched launch has felt cheap and meaningless, while the world created by/with McQuaid, though unfinished, felt amazing and immersive.

    McQuaid going back to Vangaurd is the only thing possible that could bring me back. I look forward to playing again.