Post 1K and Some Other Stuff

  • This is the 1,000th post here at Ardwulf’s Lair. Kind of a big deal.
  • My opinion on the Vanguard freemium model, announced last week, has not changed. However, there is news on that front: it appears that some of the details of the model are up for discussion, and SOE is asking for feedback. So go feed back over there if you’re apt and able. I’ll be discussing this in more detail as further news develops.
  • The new SWTOR trial is now available, allowing you to play freely up to level 15. It’s a halting step on the road to inevitable f2p. Those who are leery of the f2p model, especially from a company heretofore untested, may want to shake the game out now, before any such change is put into place. I’m gonna try it again, personally, although I am in no rush.

2 responses to “Post 1K and Some Other Stuff

  1. Congrats on the achievement.

    SOE always makes me grimace with these sorts of things. On the one hand, it is great that they listen. But on the flip side, I often think, “Did you really need us to tell you this?”

  2. Just been to the SOE thread. That’s a huge improvement. Pretty much removes all the sour taste I had from the original matrix.

    I still wish they’d have a Silver level though. I actually like paying $5 to upgrade from Free. Gives me a sense of ownership. Being able to play literally for nothing always makes things feel throwaway. That one-time payment makes all the psychological difference, I think.