Vids and Vacations

First off, here’s two new Guild Wars 2 videos from the third and final beta weekend. The first covers female Sylvari character generation and a wee look at the starting instance.

Video #2 hits the male Asura character creation and starting instance. I didn’t play… much. But more than I’d planned to. I finished (and I mean completely) the human starting zone during the last beta even, and at this point I’m waiting for headstart, when it’ll actually count. My plan moving forward with the game is probably to play a Norn Guardian, a human Elementalist and a Sylvari Warrior, and we’ll see which of those ends up as my main. I’ll be going at it hard during headstart but will slacken off considerably after that.

In other gaming news, I picked up Civilization V (GotY), Portal 2 and Galactic Civilizations II (Ultimate) in the Steam summer sale. It’s less than I’d thought to spend, but I have a lot of games on Steam that I haven’t had the time to explore fully. And I’m still playing EQ2 here and there and looking forward to Vanguard’s f2p move set for some time in August.

Otherwise, the reason I haven’t posted a whole lot lately is that I’ve been busily preparing for the annual Pennsic War, an event I have mentioned on occasion here. We missed last year but are going to make it this year.

As always, there are many, many things that really need to get done before we depart. I finished up this project earlier today:

There’s also garb to complete and stuff to be packed and we aren’t nearly as far along as I would like us to be. I’ll be away for the weekend, then back to work for a week, then totally off the grid for nine or ten days. So there may or may not be more posts from me for the next two weeks, and there definitely won’t be the week after that. I do plan, however, to have pictures and stories to post once we get back.


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