Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard is Now Free to Play

One of the things I missed while out in the woods for more than a week was SOE’s soft launch of free to play Vanguard. So one of the first gaming things (really the only one) I did upon getting back was to go in and poke around. So here’s what I found in video form.

I expect additional wrinkles to be added in the Tuesday patch/official f2p launch, but as it stands now there are some interesting departures from the standard SOE f2p implementation, some of them very good and some of them fishy or problematic. We’ll see how things shake out, but for the next couple of weeks Vanguard will likely be the main thing I play, so I’ll have more thoughts later on.


6 responses to “Ardwulf Presents: Vanguard is Now Free to Play

  1. Sad to hear you say you don’t have a problem with them selling the boats in the Cash Shop. That was the worst news I could have heard coming from SOE. That makes one whole specialization of crafting obsolete, and it was one of the best features of the game. Working to learn to craft boats was the main reason I first got into Vanguard back when it was first announced.

    With them putting housing for sell on the store as well, crafting is just about dead now. One of the best crafting systems in any MMO to date and SOE has taken away two huge areas of the crafting sphere. This one act has many of the vets of the game highly upset. The other major upsetting point for Vets is the selling of the flying mounts on the store.

    That I am less concerned with, heck I am actually happy to finally see a winged dragon make it in the game (Wyrm if we must be technical). I just wish you didn’t still have to be max level to use. We are still waiting Giddoo for info on that low level flying mount quest you mentioned! Poke Poke.

    In closing I am not sure how much I will be playing Vanguard any more. The crafting debacule has turned off my old group I was running with and if they stop playing my incentive to log in will be null and void. Sad to see SOE do this to the game, but from their track record I am not surprised. They just dont get their player base at least we have Guild Wars 2 coming. That game gives me the same explorers fever that I used to get from Vanguard.

  2. If you like to craft boats, you can still craft them… Boats are pretty much useless anyway. Leave if you want, but cash shop boats are not going to destroy crafting or Vanguard.

  3. On Housing: There is, (as of yesterday, and we’ll see after today’s patch) no housing, period, for non-Gold players. My understanding is that the Marketplace housing voucher lets you buy and pay rent on a housing lot; you’d still have to actually do so, plus build the house. If that’s the way it works then I have no issue with it. In the video I did mention my issue with potential overcrowding of the housing areas is it’s open to everyone, which would be aggravated if the store voucher also gives you the house itself.

    Also, the only housing stuff in the store is a couple of furniture sets and some building blocks the use of which is not really clear to me. I’m thinking at this point that this does not at all undermine crafting in any meaningful way.

    On Boats: I’m not sure I said that I have no problem with boats being in the store; I would hope my tone conveyed some skepticism of the idea. However, as waerr mentions, it’s not like cash shop boats will have a big footprint on actual gameplay; having one is certainly handy at times, but it’s not that useful. It’s also my opinion that players who craft boats will hold it as a point of pride that they’ve done so without having bought one in the cash shop.

    On Crafting: Crafted gear needs a rebalance anyway, frankly. As waerr also mentions, you can still craft boats if you want, and I don’t see anything that breaks either crafted or quested gear in the store at the moment. So I think your bunch may be knee-jerk over-reacting. I personally, of course, would be very sad to see you go, bt there are always other groups, and if the population picks up as we all hope, it should be much easier to put one together.

    On the other hand, these things do change over time, so it’s not impossible that SOE will cock things up down the line. But right now, while I see some things I am displeased with, I don’t see anything that really yanks my chain yet in the f2p implementation.

    • I would be happier with the boats being in the store if it was like you mentioned with the houses, more of an voucher that possibly gave you all the refined materials that you had to then give to an crafter to actually make. I.E. all the wood turned into planks, etc. That would cut down on the time it takes to make boats. Even better, it would have been nice if what you buy is an cosmetic skin that you can apply to an boat you already have or buy from an crafter to change its looks. Hell, crafters would have loved if they added in new recipes for boats like new figure heads to make. As is now even if boats are not game play useful it is hoped that with actual dev support now the game might move in directions originally intended for boats.

      I hope my group is planning on still playing, as we were in a good groove hitting all the little seen dungeons and areas of the game. If not hopefully out guild gets active again and I can find another like minded set of people. I think you meant in your post that you would be very glad to NOT see me go?

  4. Hah, I guess you can tell I have come from other games, because the armor I was immediately drawn to was the Pantheon. It looks like a Dreadknight should feel, evil and massive. Honestly more than anything it reminded me of the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior. Of course I am riding around on the big ole spider mount to go with it.

    Basically I am one of the people who never understood why this game had a following in the past. I could never seem to get a character past level 5. The game just feels really sluggish and archaic in the low levels. When I finally hit level 10, I began to understand what makes this game so interesting. It really has some advanced mechanics and was so far ahead of the curve in a few areas. Really impressed with what I am seeing.

    It has caused me to bump my EQ2 sub to a station access account. Hopefully you guys that have been loyalists will finally see some new development.