It’s the Final Countdown

Today begins the final week before the launch of Guild Wars 2. Many expect big things from it, and surely some will be disappointed, but many others know what they are getting into and given the lack of a monthly commitment will be happy with the game in the long run. The three days of early access for those who pre-purchased (as I did) begins no later (but possibly up to a couple of hours before) 12:00 AM Saturday morning (Pacific time). Those who merely pre-ordered a copy get to start at 12:00 AM on Monday morning, and that time is, I should think, set in stone, as the servers should already have been up for a couple of days by then, and it’s just a matter of flipping a switch on those accounts.

My classes start on Wednesday, so my gaming time will be severely curtailed with the end of summer break… but even so, I plan to play the ever-living hell out of GW2 this coming weekend. I have a server picked, a guild lined up and five characters (one of each race) planned, although I’m still not quite sure which one will end up being the main.

I played entirely through Queensdale, the human starting area, in the first two open beta weekends, and played a fair bit on the Norn area as well, but nowhere near through all of it. I only dipped my toes into the other three. Probably I will end up play a human (Elementalist) or Norn (Warrior or Guardian) main, and we’ll see how that shakes out, but for the headstart I will pick one character and run with it in any case.

2 responses to “It’s the Final Countdown

  1. As I tested all starter areas, IMHO the funnier is the asura zone. However, I will start as sylvari and sylvari starter area. I bet we will see an asura flood…

  2. I am definitely leaning Warrior still. I am hoping that either I a) get time off from my dead end job, or b) will be training for a slightly less dead end job that I am interviewing for this week. Either way, I will be happy. Haha.